Cinque Terre wedding, part one: a relaxed brunch in Monterosso

A bunch of close friends and relatives in an eclectic villa on the beach in Italy. This is how begins the wedding day of Corielle and Glenn in Monterosso. No better way to enjoy a relaxed brunch in a beautiful house on the sea. No better way to celebrate their wedding. The quirky villa on the beach of Monterosso has been the right place to celebrate love and friendship before the wedding ceremony – I will tell you more about Corielle and Glenn soon, no worries. In the meanwhile, discover how we spent few hours before they sworn eternal love to each other in front of the Mediterranean sea. 

This is only the first part of the story, there are more details about the wedding celebration we spent together in Liguria!

Hours before the wedding celebration in an Eclectic style villa on the beach of Monterosso

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