Film and Digital wedding photography

Film and digital wedding photography

I really value film photography, and consider myself primarly as a film photographer. I started professionally shooting on film when I was 20 and since then – but I’d better say since I was a child – my love for film never finished. I love to experiment with different types of films and film cameras, adapting my choices to the mood of the day and to the moment, and also to the personality of the couple and individuals I’m with. When I work, I carry with me both digital and analog cameras, so I can take photos from different “points of view”, adapting my gear to that specific light condition. But, especially on a wedding day I found that analogue photography gives me the freedom to see the world from a more “artistry” perspective, having the time to concentrate about the moment I’m living in, completely staying in the present. Film photography is to me the better way to enhance the mood of that particular and unique wedding day and all those special in-between moments.