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Getting married in masseria

Apulia is a perfect place for weddings because of its big variety of landscapes and locations: beautiful sea, endless multitude of olive groves and vineyards, historical houses. That’s why, more and more, couples from all over the world come in Apulia to get married, looking for the right combination of great food and fantastic places. The most popular location to get married in Apulia is the farmhouse, well known as “masseria”. For what reason? Not only for the beautiful scenario of this particular kind of house, but also because it allows to bring together in a single structure different requests that a restaurant hardly offers. The farmhouses were usually composed by large cultivated lands, stables, storage for the harvest and large main structures where several people lived, including landowners and farmers, all surrounded by high walls and fortified.  For some years in Apulia we assist to the recover of these ancient farmhouses from the owners, almost always descendants of noble families. These farmhouses are restructured to use as Bed & Breakfast and venues for weddings. In this way, it’s reached the important goal of ensuring the preservation and conservation of these historic monuments, heritage of the population.

The farm allows to benefit of different services and settings for both the receipt and the photo shoot. Usually a farm combines the charm of an historic restored home to the beauty of a park, a garden, a swimming pool, a vineyard. Located throughout the territory in Apulia you will find hundreds of farms. Also on the seaside, maybe even with private access to the beach, but also surrounded by acres of olive groves with centuries-old charm. We have not to forget the food! In farms you can find the taste of local dishes, which have preserved the preparation techniques unchanged over time. You can try food produced on site, in particular oil and wine, but also fresh handmade pasta and vegetables grown in the garden. From producer to consumer. Not always, however, the farms have a restaurant on site, then you can rent your favorite location and choose a catering service that meets all your requirements. To find the farmhouse of your dreams where you can celebrate your wedding in Apulia you can take a look on the internet, or better yet, go to an Italian wedding planner who will advise you and help you in the organization. You can find a wide selection of farmhouses in Apulia on the internet, you’ll be spoiled for choice to find one that is tailor-made for you. Meanwhile, you can start your research from a some very special place that I recommend:





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