Getting married in Ravello

The gem of the Amalfi Coast

Ravello, Amalfi coast: one of the most beautiful places on earth. A wonderful place where getting married. Ravello is a town of the Amalfi coast, is overlooking the sea and from its height you can enjoy a breathtaking view. It is known for being a favorite destination for artists, musicians and poets from all over Europe, and is famous for its natural and artistic wonders.
Ravello seems to be out of time. With a unique landscape, it really is an enchanted place where there’s an atmosphere of peace and beauty. I remember when I was a child and my family took me occasionally to Ravello to visit the country or for some concerts, I had the impression of being in another dimension, as if suspended. And still nowadays, every time I go to Ravello I have the same feeling of serene perfection.

The charm of Ravello is inextricably linked to its villas with stunning views, especially Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, historic abodes, unique in their style. Villa Rufolo dates from the twelfth century, built by the Rufolo family, is located in the historic center of Ravello and is home to the famous gardens of whom Richard Wagner fell in love with. The terrace of Villa Rufolo every year hosts the Ravello Festival, a famous festival of music and art. The first place I ever visited in Ravello was Villa Rufolo, which by the way is a perfect location for unforgettable wedding photos. But there is another place in Ravello that made me totally fall in love, and that is for me a little piece of heaven on earth: Villa Cimbrone. In addition to the beautiful park with gardens and terraces, Villa Cimbrone houses a 5-star hotel where you can organize your wedding day. From the “Infinity Terrace” of Villa Cimbrone you can admire one of the most divine panoramas of Italy, along the Amalfi Coast, and in a few days, until the Cilento Coast: a fantastic backdrop for a wedding in Ravello.

In addition to Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone in Ravello there are several beautiful hotels and villas where getting married. The offer is varied and always of a high standard. Hotel Caruso,Villa Eva, Hotel Bonadies, Villa Fraulo, Palazzo Avino, Villa Maria, Palazzo Sasso, Hotel Palumbo: these are some places where couples from all over the world come every year looking for beauty and tranquility, and they decide to get married here.
Ravello, with its narrow streets, the old town, the view, the gardens and landscapes offers wonderful location to make some great pictures on the wedding day or for an engagement session.

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