Getting married in Sardinia

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The pearl of the Mediterranean sea

Sardinia is a very special place to get married, is a land rich in culture, traditions, great food and fabulous venues for your wedding, with breathtaking views and scents of sea and mountains. The bride and groom can find exclusive five-star hotel on the beach, old churches, lighthouses on the islands and the best food of the Mediterranean. Sardinia has always been at the center of gossip especially during the summer, but is a land rich in natural beauty and, in some ways yet to be discovered. Porto Pino, the Emerald Coast and the beautiful archipelago of La Maddalena are just some of the places that this land offers. Sardinia, however, is not only sea and luxury, here you can take guided tours of uncontaminated mountains, such as the 1800m altitude Gennargentu or go kayaking in the Canyon. The people who live on this island has developed a strong cultural identity, once reinforced by the difficulty of reaching the mainland, which still lives on in the many traditions that each year renew and that mark the life of the Sardinian population. Sacred and profane meet, pagan cults are mixed to the Catholic ardor of Spanish matrix, giving visitors the culture, tradition, customs and mysteries that fascinate anyone. Sardinia, undisputed destination of vip’s tourism, mother of the best scenery, a land that offers entertainment and monuments impossible to forget, is the best stage for the memories of a married couple.

Customs and traditions about marriage in Sardinia
Weddings in Sardinia are characterized by many rites and symbolic gestures handed down for centuries and still respected, especially in small towns. One of these, for example, occurs when the bride and groom leave the house of the bride. In Sardinia in fact the groom usually goes to take the bride to her house to walk together along the way that leads them to the church or to the Town hall. In front of the house of the bride there is a group of women, usually aunts or neighbors, making the “sa razzia”: they prepare a dish with almonds, rice, sheets of colored paper and coins and throw it to the bride and groom, or the bride, making the sign of the Cross. Then the dishes are thrown on the ground to be broken, and the dishes must necessarily break, otherwise is a bad omen for the couple. The ritual continues until all the dishes will not be crushed to the ground! Even the food is particularly important. For wedding day it is customary to prepare breads and cakes with different shapes (flower, heart, etc.) or with various projections used to represent the sexual organs of the spouses. Sardinia offers so much natural beauty, white beaches and clear blue sea to be the ideal place for a fantastic beach wedding. Many, however, are the alternatives, from the cities to the mountain villages, with a large variety of location: farmhouses, villas, hotels.

Getting married in Cagliari

Cagliari seaside city but also a city to love. Saline ponds with pink flamingos; mountains that draft the semicircular trend of the coast; in the middle, the city stands with its castle. Around, the beautiful sea, windswept with the light that embeds between earth and sky.

Getting married in Alghero

The charm of Alghero is not alone in its rugged coastline, in its crystal-clear sea, in its bold colors and strong in its encompassing nature, but also in its history and in its romantic and playful atmosphere.

Getting married at archipelago of La Maddalena

Clear waters, spectacular backdrops, hidden beaches in small bays make this strip of land one of the most fascinating in the world. The archipelago consists of seven beautiful islands and over 60 islets of granite origin emerging from the crystal clear waters ranging from turquoise to emerald to deep blue. Established National Park La Maddalena keeps intact its unspoilt natural beauty.

Getting married in Castelsardo

Pearl of great beauty, stands on a steep rocky headland that declines sharply to the Gulf of Asinara. Its charm comes from the union between nature and history, its environment keeps intact the ancient traditions of Sardinia.

Getting married in San Pantaleo

Geographically close to the Emerald Coast, it has a truly glamorous atmospehere far away from the worldliness of the most famous Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. Quality of life, traditions, strategic position are critical to the success of this town that suddenly materializes between the granite peaks.

Getting married in the Gulf of Orosei

Here the sea gives generously colors, scents and sensations. Far from the glitzy socialites, from the most popular places, near those beaches so unique and so incredibly appealing. Among all Cala Luna with its transparent and shimmering waters with a thousand colors.

Getting married in Rei Coast

Fine sand, picturesque coves, crystal sea and 10 Km of coastline with breathtaking views. In 2009 the town was awarded with the “Travel blogger award” from the famous Lonely Planet that includes Costa Rey among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Getting married in Emerald Coast

Emerald Coast is the most important tourist center in Sardinia, famous not only for being one of the centers of the international jet set, but also for those its natural beauties: crystal clear sea and beautiful landscapes remained virtually untouched. Coves, sandy beaches, islands and headlands, the best of Sardinia enclosed in 55 Km of coastline.

Getting married in Stintino

In the extreme north of Sardinia is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, “La Pelosa”. White beach, turquoise-blue sea with very shallow water, wild and unspoiled nature: one of the most beautiful seas in the Mediterranean.

Getting married in Porto Paglia

Superb scenery and a blast from the past of traditions related to the sea and its rites. Coves, cliffs, dunes, dominated by the architecture of ancient trap. Clear sea, green and deep, spectacular scenery.

Getting married at Isle of Carloforte

Of Ligurian origin, is a 30-40 minute crossing from Calasetta or Portoscuso. Its shores are high and rocky, bushy is the Mediterranean maquis: myrtle, cistus, arbutus, erika. Here are concentrated the most beautiful and pristine beaches of Sardinia.

Getting married in Nora – Chia

Suspended between sky and sea, with archeological finds and rocky headlands, sandy beaches and ponds frequented by flamingos, uninhabited islets and cliffs overlooking the deep blue sea, and there, at the top, a light that makes you feel “in top of the horizon”.

Getting married in Villasimius

A fascinating scenario made of landscapes and nature, is one of the most popular places of Sardinia and the Mediterranean. Landscapes of exceptional beauty, with an intensity of color able to “bewitch” the visitors. Paradisiacal beaches and coves, lofty backdrops to explore, rich Mediterranean vegetation. 

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