Romantic destination wedding in Maratea

 This was not the first time I photographed a wedding in Maratea, and I have to say that everytime I’m amazed by the beauty and the charm of these places. This time I was in a location straight on the rocks, with beautiful descendants terraces that leads to the sea. Liz and Philipp are the bride and groom that with family and close friends came from England to celebrate their wedding in Italy. The whole mood of the day was so relaxed and sweet, with a warm breeze and the kids playing around. I loved the typical English irony of Philipp and Liz’friends, a really nice and fun party – as you can guess from the pictures! I loved this wedding so much indeed, it was intimate but also very lively at the same time!

 english-wedding-in-italy-27villa-delle-meraviglie-wedding-location-23 bride-getting-ready-italy-5 english-wedding-in-italy-16 groom-preparation-wedding-italy-8 groom-preparation-wedding-italy-14 simbolic-wedding-ceremony-in-italy-23 simbolic-wedding-ceremony-in-italy-24 simbolic-wedding-ceremony-in-italy-27 simbolic-wedding-ceremony-in-italy-32 simbolic-wedding-ceremony-in-italy-34 simbolic-wedding-ceremony-in-italy-36 villa-delle-meraviglie-wedding-location-48 bride-and-groom-portraits-maratea-7bride-and-groom-portraits-maratea-3 bride-and-groom-portraits-maratea-14 wedding-reception-italy-16english-wedding-in-italy-2 wedding-reception-italy-27 wedding-reception-italy-39 dancing-english-wedding-in-italy-4 dancing-english-wedding-in-italy-5 dancing-english-wedding-in-italy-8 dancing-english-wedding-in-italy-11 dancing-english-wedding-in-italy-13 dancing-english-wedding-in-italy-14


Villa Cimbrone wedding sneak peek – on film

Sometimes it happens that you photograph a wonderful wedding or an event, and you can’t show anything but a little sneak peek. And this is the case. I have been in Ravello in spring – yes, I know this little and fantastic town very well – and I have been in the treasure of the Amalfi Coast: Villa Cimbrone. I was there as a second shooter for my colleague Alessandro – thank you Alessandro for such a nice experience together! I will try to show you something about the wedding of T&J, but please remember that I can’t show you all! Anyway, the beauty of the day, of this wedding, of Ravello, and of Villa Cimbrone catch the eye! I’ve taken some pictures with my 35mm film camera and also with my beloved Hasselblad. I hope that through the photos you will enjoy the atmosphere and the relaxed and romantic mood of the coast, as we did in person.


Villa Cimbrone – The getting ready

Bride getting ready in Villa Cimbrone luxury hotel. In such a serene and ancient ambient it seems to be a part of an old poetic sonnet.

  villa-cimbrone-wedding-getting-readyfine-art-wedding-photography-amalfi-coast-1 fine-art-wedding-photography-amalfi-coast-2 fine-art-wedding-photography-amalfi-coast-6 

Gardens of Principessa di Piemonte – The ceremony

The ceremony was celebrated in the gardens of Principessa di Piemonte, the beautil gardens of the oldtown of Ravello.


Ravello – Walking through the sunny alleys

The ceremony was celebrated in the gardens of Principessa di Piemonte, the beautil gardens of the oldtown of Ravello.



Villa Cimbrone – Couple portraits

Then we moved back to Villa Cimbrone to have a feast with family and friends. Before the reception we and the bride and groom walked through the beautiful gardens of Villa Cimbrone for some couple portraits.

This has been a very intimate and relaxed wedding and I loved that way to celebrate love.


Simple elopement under the sun of Capri

Capri is a charming island indeed, and having an elopement there could mean have the chance to discover different and hidden aspects of that place. Those who really know and love Capri know that the island is great not only because of its glamourous Piazzetta or the beautiful and luxury hotels, but also (and perhaps, especially) because of the sea, the view and for all its wonderful natural scenarios. Gwen and Hector, from Canada, fallen in love with not only the lush part of Capri, but also with its wild one, so it was quite natural for them to choose to go for some sort of trip dedicated to the sun, the sea and the nature. We enjoyed a very long walking through the white alleys, in the caves, down the footpaths and then passing through the Faraglioni stacks on the boat. Of course we all loved the tour. If you have in mind to visit Capri for some days, don’t forget to plan a trip around the island and a walk into the town, in Anacapri, to the lighthouse or on the Solaro mount taking the chairlift. This is an island full of surprises – for example the beautiful noble Villa San Michele, with its stunning panorama – so while you’re there in one of the fantastic hotels, don’t miss the chance to visit not-so-traditional paths.

   capri-in-summer-4 seaside-wedding-capri-11seaside-wedding-capri-5 seaside-wedding-capri-9wedding-capri-elopement-8wedding-capri-elopement-6

Vintage elopement inspiration in Ravello

Ravello is the real gem of the Amalfi Coast, and Villa Cimbrone is the ice on the cake in this little corner of Heaven of Earth. Suspended between the sky and the sea, with an antique and serene atmosphere: that is Ravello. We realized an inspiration elopement session through the alleys of Ravello and in the beautiful gardens of Villa Cimbrone. The inspiration shoot has been featured on Fly Away Bride as aninspiration for couples that choose Amalfi Coast as their preferred destination for a wedding or an elopement in Italy. Enjoy the beautiful Ravello and the wonderful Villa Cimbrone!

#1   ravello-elopement-inspiration (7)




ravello-elopement-inspiration (19)




  ravello-elopement-vintage-styleravello-elopement-inspiration (27)vintage-elopement-inspiration-in-ravello (26)vintage-elopement-inspiration-in-ravello (9)

Venue: Villa Cimbrone // Event designer: Camilla Castaldo // Wedding dress: Ela Siromaschenko // Make-up: Anna Rosa Di Penta // Accessories: Calabrese 1924 // Men’s attire: Sartoria Antonelli // Jewellery: Sara Lubrano // Classic car: Sprintage


Wedding in Maratea, Acquafredda – Sneak Peek

Maratea is an incredible place in Italy, with a great “wild and free” mood because of its nature – as the whole Basilicata region indeed. I had the chance to photograph this beautiful Spanish-Italian wedding there, exactly in the town of Acquafredda. Montserrat and Francesco decided to have their wedding day in Italy, and they have chosen to getting married in Acquafredda because this is where the groom’s family lives and where bride and groom together spent their holidays often. I was impressed by the force of the spectacular nature there, by the ancient little town, and I have to say, especially by the pure love between Montserrat and Francesco.

 the-beach-of-maratea-6 beach-portrait-bride-and-groom-italy-6

Engagement session in Taormina, Sicily

Canaan and Kenneth live in London and are very fond of Sicily. After few days spent around Catania, Palermo and on the mount Etna watching eruptions, they wanted to visit the beautiful town of Taormina. They had a beautiful time in Palermo, trying the wonderful Sicilian food (especially the desserts), and they enjoyed a lot visiting Etna, but it was in Taormina that they have found their special time, as they told me. Taormina is a little town, people come here from all over the world because of the history and natural beauties. I spent one day with Canaan and Kenneth, and I really enjoyed this time. I liked listening to the stories Canaan and Kenneth told me about their countries of origin and their lives in London, and in this occasion more than in others, I realized that really every human being is different from the others, everyone with their peculiar taste and sensibility. Thanks to Canaan and Kenneth I understand deep inside of me, that there is no only way to live and to work, you have to discover your path and your personal way, and you don’t have to be afraid of contradictions.

Engagement session in Taormina (53)Engagement session in Taormina (48)

Engagement session in Taormina (11)Engagement session in Taormina (56) Engagement session in Taormina (22)



Holy Island – Celtic bridal inspiration

Lindisfarne wedding inspiration

This is the story of a journey. A journey through the stories of women and the strength of women. A journey on the Holy Island, the island of Lindisfarne, where does the inspiration for this shooting comes from. It’s the journey of an entire life, the one that every woman is going to do, to find her sweetness and her strength, her peculiarity, her personal history, her evolution. This photo shoot is a narrative of a journey into the psychological and spiritual dimension of the rites of passage. Getting married for a woman means to reinventing herself, allowing her own individuality to merge and recreate into another one, in a new form. We are never driven only by aesthetic aspects in choosing the wedding dress, even when we don’t confess it. Marriage is a rite of passage, it’s one of the most special ritual forms, because it involves the sacred and the profane. Our journey begins on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, land of the Celts. Lindisfarne tells about women and goddesses. Every woman is like a Celtic goddess: strong, sweet, dreamer, warrior, mother. Celtic women were free from aesthetic and behavioral standards, and so the Celtic bride was free, confident and beautiful. Our journey in the soul of the women ends with the styled shoot to the ruins of St. Eustachio in Scala, Amalfi Coast. A place that is very close to the sacred island of Lindisfarne. That morning in St. Eustachio was sunny and very windy. The wind was blowing, singing, whispering stories of women. Every woman, every bride is a phase of the journey, full of emotions and stories to listen and to tell. We tried to recognize in every woman her particular aspects, just like a goddess.

Blue bride on film - Chiara Natale Boho bride on film - Chiara Natale (4) Minimal bride - Chiara Natale (9) Romantic bride - Chiara Natale (2) Romantic bride on film - Chiara Natale (1) Romantic bride on film - Chiara Natale (3) Romantic bride on film - Chiara Natale (6) Romantic bride on film - Chiara Natale (7) Sexy bride - Chiara Natale (1) Sexy bride - Chiara Natale (2) Sexy bride on film - Chiara Natale (3) 




Intimate destination wedding at Villa Irlanda, Gaeta

 Last summer I was in Gaeta to photograph this intimate destination wedding. This was my first time in Villa Irlanda during summer, and I found that flowers, plants and the gardens seem to be exploded at their best in colors and shapes. Usually with Italian couples I cannot have the chance to photograph the “first look” moments, because of the Italian traditions: bride and groom should meet directly at the ceremony, and never before. So I was really happy when I proposed to Riina and Anthony the “first look” and they told me YES! I loved this wedding, so intimate and simple, with relatives and a handful of closer friends. The peculiarity of this marriage is the intense involvment of the loved ones, the speeches were really touching and the dancing time was fun, everyone was in. This is, in my opinion, a really successfull wedding day, I’m really honored I had the privilege to be the photographer of the day.

     Villa_Irlanda_gardens Villa-Irlanda_Gaeta (2) Villa-Irlanda_Gaeta (3) Villa-Irlanda-wedding-Gaeta (1) Villa-Irlanda-wedding-Gaeta (2) groom's preparation (5)groom's preparation (1)groom's getting ready (1) bridal details getting ready (2)bridal details getting ready (1) bridal details of getting ready (2)bridal details (2) bride getting ready (3) bride make up (1)bridal gown getting ready (1) bridal-portraits-with-bouquet (1) bridal-portraits-with-bouquet (3) bridal-portraits-with-bouquet (4) first-look-at-wedding (2) first-look-at-wedding (3)first-look-at-wedding (1)bride-and-groom-first-look (2)bride-and-groom-first-look (3) bride-and-father symbolic wedding ceremony (3) symbolic-wedding-in-Italy (1) symbolic-wedding-in-Italy (2)newlyweds-down-the-aisle Villa-Irlanda-Gaeta wedding-party-garden-Italy (1) wedding-party-garden-Italywedding-speeches (2) first-dance-wedding (3) wedding-dance (3)wedding-party-dance (1)wedding-party-dance (3)first-dance-wedding (6)first-dance-wedding (7)

Pictures are both on digital and on film, with a manual focus Canon 35mm camera + Fuji 400H and Kodak Portra

Venue: Villa Irlanda


A declaration of love | Naples on film 35mm

To me, learn to love my city in all its aspects – not only the best ones – was not easy, but an everyday interesting journey. Naples is a city that constantly puts you in front of yourself, which forces you to look inward and to look out. In any case you can’t be blind. For me the soul of Naples is analog, to take on film. I made these shots with an autofocus Canon and Kodak Portra. No particular project, but always a declaration of love to my homeland. 

Naples 35mm film photography (1) Naples 35mm film photography (2) Naples 35mm film photography (3) Naples 35mm film photography (4) Naples 35mm film photography (5) Naples 35mm film photography (7) Naples 35mm film photography (8) Naples 35mm film photography (9) Naples 35mm film photography (10)


Winter wedding in Naples – Under Vesuvius

Strange to see Naples in a cloudly-not sunny day. You may think it’s a commonplace that in my city the sun always shines, but it’s pretty real. Anyway, Naples is charming also under the rain. And wedding pictures under the rain may be very attractive. Mila is Russiane, so she is accustomed to cold temperature. Cold temperature only outside, because the wedding day of Mila and Max was full of love and closeness. An intimate wedding, with the family, and a lot of lovely memories to share with friends all around the world. Max and Mila welcomed me like a family member since our first meeting, and it was not difficult to me to capture their marriage in the most spontaneus way.

Vesuvius-landscape-Italy bride-getting-ready (2) bride-with-sparkling-grey-dress (1) preparation-of-the-bride (7) preparation-of-the-bride (11) Russian-Italian-wedding (7)church-wedding-Italy (9)church-wedding-Italy (11)church-wedding-Italy (12)church-wedding-Italy (6)church-wedding-Italy (7) bride-and-groom-portrait-Italy (1) bride-and-groom-portrait-Italy (7) bride-and-groom-portrait-Italy (12) bride-and-groom-portrait-Italy (13) bride-and-groom-portrait-Italy (20) Naples-landscape-Italy (1)bride-and-groom-portrait-Italy (19) intimate-wedding-party (3) intimate-wedding-reception (2)intimate-wedding-party (5)intimate-wedding-party (10)intimate-wedding-party (11) intimate-wedding-reception (5) wedding-portraits (2)