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Itinerant wedding on Amalfi Coast: ceremony at Hotel Palumbo and reception in Villa Magia

What is better than having a wedding ceremony in Ravello, in one of the most beautiful hotels of the Amalfi Coast? It’s simple to ask! Having your wedding ceremony in hotel Palumbo AND the wedding reception at Villa Magia in Positano! This is what happened at Friederike&Marcus’ wedding, and I was very happy of being their wedding photographer. First of all, Friederike and Marcus are a very glamorous couple. Both of them are very elegant, with a touch of classy style, and let me say that I was completely in love with that.

Their style was totally in harmony with the atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast – and of course the same was with the whole style of the wedding. Their wedding was intimate and cheerful, with the dearest friends and the families. As I told, I loved the fact that the wedding moments were “splitted” in two locations: first Ravello and the Hotel Palumbo for the ceremony, then Villa Magia in Positano for the reception. The whole day has been a sweet experience with a kind of timeless feeling – how not to love that?? Between the ceremony and the reception we have had the chance to walk down the beautiful narrow streets of Ravello to take some portraits. I loved these wedding portraits so much to decide to write another post about them, so if you want to have a look at the wedding portraits of Friederike and Marcus, simply click on this link! How beautiful and smart is the idea of having a wedding in different locations? The itinerant wedding of this couple shows that setting up a destination wedding in different places of the Amalfi Coast it is something that can be easily organized even while living outside Italy, even better being helped by a good wedding planner.

Wedding ceremony at Hotel Palumbo, Ravello

 wedding-ceremony-ravello wedding-music-hotel-paulmbo-ravellobride-and-groom-during-ceremony-in-ravellohotel-palumbo-ravellowedding-ceremony-outdoorfood-photo-ravello-weddingwedding-ceremony-details-ravellowedding-cocktail-photo-ravello beautiful-couple-portrait-in-ravellobride-and-groom-walking-down-ravellowedding-portraits-through-the-streets-of-ravello

Wedding reception in Villa Magia, Positano                wedding-portrait-through-the-streets-of-positanovilla-magia-positano-detailsclassic-wedding-villa-magia-positanobride-and-groom-black-and-white-portrait-in-villa-magia-positanodetails-of-villa-magia-positanodetails-wedding-in-villa-magiabride-and-groom-in-villa-magia-positanoportrait-on-the-terrace-of-villa-magia-positanococktail-hour-wedding-villa-magiaitalian-traditional-wedding-music-in-villa-magiareception-wedding-in-villa-magia-positanobeautiful-positano-view-from-villa-magia villa-magia-details-positano wedding-reception-in-villa-magia-positano tablescape-wedding-villa-magia-positanovilla-magia-wedding-portraitswedding-dinner-in-villa-magia-amalfi-coastguests-at-wedding-dinner-at-villa-magiapositano-by-night-from-villa-magiawedding-dinner-in-amalfi-coast-villa-magiabride-and-groom-kissing-in-villa-magia-receptionwedding-dinner-villa-magia-positanowedding-guests-at-reception-in-villa-magia-positanoblack-and-white-photo-of-bride-and-groom-wedding-reception-positanoblack-and-white-photo-of-positano-wedding-reception

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