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Capri elopement with a modern romantic mood

by Chiara

I met Samantha and Dan in Capri for their elopement on the island, organized by Fabrizia and Maria Consilia, the wedding planners behind Capri Moments. Samantha and Dan are from Australia, and eloping in Capri perfectly matched their inner style so modern, romantic and glamorous. Eloping in Capri has never been so charming!


Samantha, the bride

Samantha was stunning in her double-layered wedding gown.

bride-villa-lysis-capri (5) bridal-portrait-capri (2)bridal-portrait-capri (3)



The first Look

The first look between Samantha and Dan on the terrace of the gorgeous Villa Lysis.groom-villa-lysis-caprifirst-look-villa-lysis-capri (1)first-look-villa-lysis-capri (3)villa-lysis-capri-bride


The ceremony

The celebration of the wedding vows and the ceremony of the elopement on the main terrace, above the sea and with the view of Capri and Marina Grande.

villa-lysys-elopement-ceremony (5)villa-lysys-elopement-ceremony (1)villa-lysys-elopement-ceremony (2)villa-lysys-elopement-ceremony (6)villa-lysys-elopement-ceremony (8)villa-lysys-elopement-ceremony (4)villa-lysys-elopement-ceremony (7)


In Villa Lysis

We took some portraits in Villa Lysis before living for the center of Capri.

elopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (1)elopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (11)elopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (8)elopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (2)elopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (5)elopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (9)elopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (7)capri-elopement-shootelopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (6)elopement-shoot-villa-lysis-capri (10)bride-and-groom-villa-lysis


Eloping in Capri

Finally in Capri, walking through the white alleys of the oldtown and ending the day close to the beach, straight on the sea, with that modern, sensual and laidback appeal that this elopement has.

couple-eloping-in-capri (1)capri-modern-elopementcouple-eloping-in-capri (2)couple-eloping-in-capri (3)