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Typical and yet modern Italian weddings

I travel up and down Italy because of work, and most of my clients are English speaking – they come from United States, Australia, United Kingdom but also from Asia.  I decided to dedicate part of my job to help not Italian couples to get married in Italy and being their wedding photographer.

Wedding in Northern Italy, between Lake Garda and the Dolomites

What a beautiful wedding in Northern Italy I had the chance to photograph! Elena and Andrea rocked the wedding with their guest coming from all over Italy, Europe and the United States. Being in Trento, which is half way between Lake Garda and the Dolomites, we enjoyed all the beauty of Northern Italy and its lakes and mountains.

2018 Best wedding dresses with a touch of creative luxury – Part one

And what about wedding and bridal dresses? Well, 2018 Is almost here and of course brides to be are already going to choose their wedding gowns. As a woman and as a wedding photographer, I have some preferences in terms of wedding fashion, and some of the dresses I love the most are not the “typical” wedding dresses, but high fashion creations that would look absolutely stunning if worn as wedding gowns.

Why I shoot on film

A declaration of love to film photography

There’s a reason why I shoot on film, a very particular reason to me. I really don’t know if film photography is better than digital, I only know that I love to shoot on film. If you’ve ever seen a photo taken on film, you’ve probably noticed that film photography has at least two special, concrete “features” on its side – the same old story that every film photographer will tell you again and again. Everybody knows that film handles lights exceptionally well and that color looks great with film – every film has its own particular way to make colors vivid, or bright or special in any way – perhaps these are the reasons why film photography is so trendy these days, especially in wedding photography.