wedding in Amalfi Coast

Wedding in Amalfi Coast


Amalfi Coast is a special an unique land of nature, art and history, one of the most beautiful places on Earth for sure. Having a wedding there means living an experience deep inside the atmosphere of the Italian lifestyle and a kind of “Dolce Vita” mood.

Everything here goes more slow, everybody is ready to give a smile, and these are not common places, it’s the real life! No matter if you choose Positano, Ravello, Amalfi, Praiano, Scala. If you’re thinking about a wedding in Amalfi Coast, prepare yourself for something incredible: the scenery, the people, the food, the colors, the sea and the mountains – yes, the mountains! Have you ever heard about the Path of the Gods? 

For your wedding in Amalfi Coast you can choose between a charming hotel, a luxury private villa or a rustic chic location. You will live the Italian dream whatever your venue will be.

A wedding in Amalfi Cost is something hard to describe with only words, so have a look at these weddings, elopements and other photo sessions in Amalfi Coast.

Indian wedding at Villa San Giacomo, Positano – part one

I can’t wait to share some images of the wedding of Emily and Arnab, an amazing day with two (yes, two!) ceremonies, the Hindu one and the symbolic one. I adored the location, Villa San Giacomo in Positano, everything here is special: the place, the food, the view, the whole experience has been wonderful. The day started with the getting ready and the Indian ceremony, and this first post about Emily and Arnab’s wedding in Positano, is focused on those moments.

Italian wedding in Villa Eva, Ravello

At this point of my blogging adventure is not a secret that I love Ravello very much. I consider this little town as my second home, close to my heart. This Italian wedding in Villa Eva was the perfect occasion for me to come back again and take photos of one of the most beautiful wedding venues there – and, I have to say, with Chiara and simone and their guests I was in really good company!

Itinerant wedding on Amalfi Coast: ceremony at Hotel Palumbo and reception in Villa Magia

What is better than having a wedding ceremony in Ravello, in one of the most beautiful hotels of the Amalfi Coast? It’s simple to ask! Having your wedding ceremony in hotel Palumbo AND the wedding reception at Villa Magia in Positano! This is what happened at Friederike&Marcus’ wedding, and I was very happy of being their wedding photographer. First of all, Friederike and Marcus are a very glamorous couple. Both of them are very elegant, with a touch of classy style, and let me say that I was completely in love with that.

Pre wedding photos in Amalfi Coast

Pre wedding photo sessions are some of my favorites. I have the chance to spend some time with the bride and groom alone and to better understand their desires and suit the photo session on their personalities. I loved to make this prewedding portrait session in Amalfi Coast during a beautiful spring day.