wedding in Capri

Wedding in Capri

Portrait prewedding photo session in Capri

Capri is without a doubt one of the most incredible places in Italy – and in on earth for sure!  Capri is the island where the Mediterranean culture shines at its best: lush nature, narrow white streets, great views, stunning venues and villas, and ancient history. Moreover, Capri is a place where is still possible to escape from the crowd and enjoy the special mood and feeling you find here. Is a place where is possible to live a luxe but natural atmosphere with an organic approach.

Eloping in Europe – Vintage style elopement in Capri

Eloping in Capri in October means to find sunny days a go-go and tourists from all over the world. I’m always lucky because my couples that come to Italy for weddings are usually happy to follow me through not-so-conventional paths, far from the crazy crowd. This time, with Christine and Domenic, was my time to follow them.

Simple elopement under the sun of Capri

Capri is a charming island indeed, and having an elopement there could mean have the chance to discover different and hidden aspects of that place. Those who really know and love Capri know that the island is great not only because of its glamourous Piazzetta or the beautiful and luxury hotels, but also (and perhaps, especially) because of the sea, the view and for all its wonderful natural scenarios.