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Cinque Terre wedding, part two: eternal love in Monterosso

Getting married in Monterosso for Corielle and Glenn has meant for them being barefoot mostly of the day (Corielle even during the ceremony), and being surrounded by parents and a bunch of dear friends. The couple asked me to follow them during their wedding in Monterosso, in Cinqueterre.

I was very moved by the love between these two, and the fact that they were so excited about the fact to getting married in this little town with a very private and emotional ceremony even confirmed my sensation about their mutual feelings. I could say that this little town has two faces, like many places in Italy indeed. The first face is the one built around turism, especially in the oldtown. You find good restaurants, lot of cute souvenirs shops. The second face of Monterosso is far more wild, is the one out of the control of the human being: the nature, the sea, the mountains that surround the town, as in the whole Cinque Terre coast. No need to say that Monterosso is a not a big city, so its various sides blen together finally. Monterosso it’s an adorable fishermen’s village where you can find ancient traditions still alive – old and young fishermen are everywhere in town the indeed.

Check out how Corielle and Glenn begun their wedding day 

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