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Country chic wedding in Rome

by Chiara

This country chic wedding in Rome between Fitriani and Davide has been the sweetest thing that I could have ever imagined. They planned all the details of their wedding in Rome while in New York, which is their city, asking for some help to the crew of the beautiful wedding venue. This wedding has been special for some reasons: the beautiful vineyard that surrounds the venue, the details and the colors chosen for the day, the presence of guests coming from all over the world (including Thailand, which is Fitriani’s original homeland), the fascinating wine tasting in the cellar, and, of above all, the whole atmosphere of love and warmth. Below you can see the whole wedding day (I’d say better: just a “sample” of all the parts of the wedding!). And you find here the portrait session that I’ve taken with Fitriani and Davide in the vineyards, the same day of the wedding. I took these photos with both analog and digital cameras, so part of what you see here is on film.  Enjoy this beautiful and warm country chic wedding in Rome!