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Intimate destination wedding at Villa Irlanda, Gaeta

Last summer I was in Gaeta to photograph this intimate destination wedding. This was my first time in Villa Irlanda during summer, and I found that flowers, plants and the gardens seem to be exploded at their best in colors and shapes. Usually with Italian couples I cannot have the chance to photograph the “first look” moments, because of the Italian traditions: bride and groom should meet directly at the ceremony, and never before.

So I was really happy when I proposed to Riina and Anthony the “first look” and they told me YES! I loved this wedding, so intimate and simple, with relatives and a handful of closer friends. The peculiarity of this marriage is the intense involvment of the loved ones, the speeches were really touching and the dancing time was fun, everyone was in. This is, in my opinion, a really successfull wedding day, I’m really honored I had the privilege to be the photographer of the day.

     Villa_Irlanda_gardens  Villa-Irlanda_Gaeta (3)   groom's preparation (1) bridal details getting ready (1) bridal details of getting ready (2)bridal details (2)  bride make up (1)bridal gown getting ready (1) bridal-portraits-with-bouquet (1)  bridal-portraits-with-bouquet (4) first-look-at-wedding (2) first-look-at-wedding (3)first-look-at-wedding (1)bride-and-groom-first-look (2) bride-and-father  symbolic-wedding-in-Italy (1) symbolic-wedding-in-Italy (2)newlyweds-down-the-aisle Villa-Irlanda-Gaeta wedding-party-garden-Italy (1) wedding-party-garden-Italywedding-speeches (2) first-dance-wedding (3) wedding-dance (3)wedding-party-dance (3)first-dance-wedding (6)first-dance-wedding (7)

Pictures are both on digital and on film, with a manual focus Canon 35mm camera + Fuji 400H and Kodak Portra

Venue: Villa Irlanda


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