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Elope in Rome, Louise and Stian

An elopement in Rome is a very special way to celebrate love. This is the story of Louise and Stian, they flew from Oslo to Rome for having their intimate elopement in the eternal city. They  have had a civil ceremony in the embassy of Norway in Rome, celebrating with a couple of their best friends. Then they asked me something a little bit unusual and very romantic: to take some elopement pictures of them in Rome in the school where they met for the very first time while at university.

Stian is an archeologist, so you can only imagine how perfect an elopement in Rome has been for this couple! Imagine these two soul-mates living their perfect intimate elopement in Rome, enjoyining the city and its ancient and eternal beauty! We walked together throught the beautiful alleys of Trastevere to the Tiber river. Then we went to Villa Borghese using the tiny boats on the lake. And at the end of their elopement we did not forget the most famous Trinità dei Monti and theat wonder that is the Pantheon church. That has been the experience Louise and Stian lived together during their Rome elopement. Enjoy the photo sas you were in Rome with them!

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elope-in-rome-photo (10)elope-in-rome-photo (12)elope-in-rome-photo (9)elope-in-rome-photo (13)elope-in-rome-photo (19)

elope-in-rome-italy-photo (3)elope-in-rome-italy-photo (2)elope-in-rome-italy-photo (1)elope-in-rome-italy-photo (4)elope-in-rome-italy-photo (5) elope-to-rome-italy-photo (2)elope-to-rome-italy-photo (3)elope-to-rome-italy-photo (4)elope-to-rome-italy-photo (9)elope-to-rome-italy-photo (10)elope-to-rome-italy-photo (5)elope-to-rome-italy-photo (7)elope-to-rome-italy-photo (1)elope-to-rome-italy-photo (6)

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