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Elopement in Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Lina & Alex

by Chiara

Photographing this elopement in the magnificent Villa Cimbrone in Ravello has been pure magic. Villa Cimbrone is one of the most enchanting venues for weddings and elopements not only in Amalfi Coast but in the whole Italy. Its atmosphere is incredibly romantic and out of time. So I was very happy when Alex and Lina asked me to be the photographer of their elopement in Villa Cimbrone. They met in Japan, and Tokyo is the city where they and fell in love with each other. Then this year, some years after that first encouter ona a Halloween feast, they decided to elope to Ravello and having their photo shoot taken in this beautiful gem that is villa Cimbrone. I can’t imagine any other place where Lina and Alex could celebrate their love in the same intimate, timeless in a such special way. I loved the inner elegance of Lina and Alex and their love for that kind of classy and yet modern look that really reflects their sweet souls, so deeply in love. These are the photos of this beautiful elopement in Villa Cimbrone in Ravello – tons of pictures, but I hope you will enjoy the moments the same as we did!