Luxury weddings

There are many couples who want a refined and luxury wedding to live and make their guests live a unique and exclusive day. A luxury wedding is an amazing and very special way to celebrate love, family and relationships. In fact, all the luxury weddings have in common a great consideration for the guests and for the social and emotional bonds of the spouses and their families. “Thinking about the guests” is a must in luxury weddings. When the budgets for the wedding are high, it is very easy to think that it is necessary to spend on extravagant things; but truly special weddings are those in which guests are considered special first of all. In a luxury wedding it is necessary to take care of the guests to make their day unique and make them experience exceptional sensations, from the moment they receive their invitation, until they leave the location at the end of the event.

Luxury wedding suppliers

A luxury wedding is made of little, precious details, and in this case is very important to rely on the best vendors and search for the best luxury location. If you are thinking of having your luxury wedding, you need to work with vendors you can trust and maybe that are used to working with an high-end clientele. In a luxury wedding, the spouses must be able to have complete confidence in the work team. You need to have a team that knows how to do everything possible to satisfy ideas and request.

Luxury wedding reception

Luxury passes through taste: the banquet is certainly one of the most awaited moments for newlyweds. After the tension and emotion of the ceremony, the banquet is a moment of joy and conviviality to be lived together, because marriage is above all a great party. With luxury weddings, however, there are very high expectations from the spouses: my clients are used to eating in the best restaurants and enjoying the best wines, therefore, like the rest of the wedding, food and wine must be a unique experience for the couple, from the beginning of the first tasting. This is why for a luxury wedding it is important to choose catering or the restaurant carefully: always prefer local products and gastronomic proposals that tickle the palate and the view. For a 360 ° journey through taste, opt for thematic corners in order to give your guests the opportunity to find the dishes that best suit them and to try different specialties. Obviously, the moment dedicated to desserts cannot be missed. Whether they are traditional, mignon or mini cake, it is important that there is a corner dedicated to dessert.

Luxury wedding invitations

When it comes to invitations for a luxury wedding, you have to consider whether there is a need for some discretion. This will of course depend on your personalities and the type of marriage you want. Perhaps some details need to be disclosed as the wedding date is imminent for security reasons and to help manage the marriage better. 

Luxury wedding decor

When it comes to luxury wedding decor, needless to say that everything is admitted and possible. You can browse Pinterest and wedding blogs to find some beautiful wedding ideas for inspiration. Some example of glamorous wedding decoration for ceremony and reception are:

  • Extravagant centerpieces
  • Floor decoration for the ceremony and the reception
  • Modern tabletop decor
  • Mixing pure and precious colors like white and gold
  • Suspended centerpieces