Fine art portraits in ancient Italian villa

I was invited by some fellows photographers for a Camp in an ancient Italian villa in the Monferrato region, where some friends asked me to share some of my experiences as a wedding photographer. I’ve spent a great time with my friends and colleagues, sharing our days in the villa, having fun and of course photographing and talking about photography all the time.

During the Camp (oh, I will tell you more about this Camp very soon!), we took some time to take portraits of each other, so I’m very grateful to Valeria for standing in front of my lens for some shots with my film cameras. It’s always a little bit challenging but also very moving to me to have the chance to take portraits of colleagues, friends or my beloved in general. While taking portraits of Valeria I realized how beautiful and difficult is to me taking photos of someone I already know and with whom I have any kind of relationship. That’s probably because it’s involved to me a high amount of expectation from myself, and a great respect of the person I’m with. Of course I respect all the people I photograph, but it’s something a little bit different. When I take a portrait of a colleague, a friend, a relative, or someone I know in my “ordinary” life, there’s a sort of fighting between what I imagine of the person, what I already know of that person and what that person really is. It’s something beautiful but also a little bit scary… exciting for sure. That’s Valeria, great photographer an friend, in all her beauty and intensity.

fine-art-portraits-in-ancient-italian-villa (3)fine-art-portraits-in-ancient-italian-villa (12)


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1 comment

valeriamameli 31st March 2017 - 13:46

Thank you, Chiara, I was looking for the right person to have some photos of me, and you are an amazing photographer and, above all a beautiful and sensitive person. I love them


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