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Holy Island – Celtic bridal inspiration

Lindisfarne wedding inspiration

This is the story of a journey. A journey through the stories of women and the strength of women. A journey on the Holy Island, the island of Lindisfarne, where does the inspiration for this shooting comes from.

It’s the journey of an entire life, the one that every woman is going to do, to find her sweetness and her strength, her peculiarity, her personal history, her evolution. This photo shoot is a narrative of a journey into the psychological and spiritual dimension of the rites of passage.

Getting married for a woman means to reinventing herself, allowing her own individuality to merge and recreate into another one, in a new form. We are never driven only by aesthetic aspects in choosing the wedding dress, even when we don’t confess it. Marriage is a rite of passage, it’s one of the most special ritual forms, because it involves the sacred and the profane. Our journey begins on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, land of the Celts. Lindisfarne tells about women and goddesses. Every woman is like a Celtic goddess: strong, sweet, dreamer, warrior, mother. Celtic women were free from aesthetic and behavioral standards, and so the Celtic bride was free, confident and beautiful. Our journey in the soul of the women ends with the styled shoot to the ruins of St. Eustachio in Scala, Amalfi Coast. A place that is very close to the sacred island of Lindisfarne. That morning in St. Eustachio was sunny and very windy. The wind was blowing, singing, whispering stories of women. Every woman, every bride is a phase of the journey, full of emotions and stories to listen and to tell. We tried to recognize in every woman her particular aspects, just like a goddess.    Romantic bride on film - Chiara Natale (3) Romantic bride on film - Chiara Natale (6) Romantic bride on film - Chiara Natale (7)Blue bride on film - Chiara Natale Sexy bride - Chiara Natale (1) Sexy bride - Chiara Natale (2) Sexy bride on film - Chiara Natale (3)



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Francesco 20th January 2016 - 12:28

Beautiful dresses worn by a stunningly beautiful Mediterranean woman!!


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