How to organize a trip to the Amalfi Coast and where to go

How to organize a trip to the Amalfi Coast and where to go


For sure one of the most beautiful Coasts in the world, always a first choice for tourists during all seasons. Amalfi Coast is worth a visit during the whole year and in all conditions.

When to go to the Amalfi Coast

As a local, I know Amalfi Coast very well, and one of the “best practices” to enjoy these places at their maximum is to avoid July and August. During summer the weather is very hot, the road are busy because of traffic, and the little towns on the Coast are very crowded. My recommandation is to come to visit the Amalfi Coast in spring or fall, which are the best seasons to come to Italy in general, when everything switches back to be more “human” and pleasant.

How to reach the Amalfi Coast

You can reach Amalfi Coast from Naples of from Salerno. If you arrive in Naples or Salerno by train then you have several possibilities to reach places like Positano or Amalfi. You can hire a rental with driver, or taking the hydrofoil to Amalfi or Positano or you can reach the Coast by the puclic bus line. You can also rent a car and drive by yourself to the Coast. At last, consider that many villages are quite close to each other and you can move around by walking if you like it – and taking public transport when needed.

Where to go on the Amalfi Coast

(Direction going from Salerno to Positano)

Vietri sul Mare

Very close to Salerno, and to the highway, Vietri is famous all around the world for its beautiful handcrafted ceramics. In the typical shops of Vietri you can buy artistic ceramics at a very good price, like the famous hand-painted plates. Besides ceramics, Vietri is worth a visit with a walk in the historic center, a visit to the cathedral and its belvedere.


This small village is famous not only for the castle by the sea, but especially for the anchovy sauce. This is a very tasty and salty food, “discovered” long time ago when the Amalfi Coast still was a place for the sailors of the Maritime Republics. It is a very tasty sauce, very good to eat on a spaghetti dish, garlic and oil – but it is also very good with a mozzarella!


A tiny hamlet famous for its beach at the foot of the Torre La Cerniola, a Saracen stronghold that overlooks the water. It is certainly an excellent choice for those who prefer to stay a little on the sidelines both by the sea and as a possible choice for sleeping. Very beautiful is also the Spiaggia dei Limoni which is located just before.


Maiori is the largest town on the coast and also the only one with a typical architecture of the 70s, and it also has a beautiful port. The Cammino dei Limoni, a beautiful walk among the terraced lemon groves that leads to the neighboring town of Minori starts in Maiori. A beautiful beach near Maiori is the Cavallo Morto Beach which can only be reached by sea.


A very nice village, with a small promenade and historic center. In the past this village was full of flour mills, now almost all disappeared. In Minori we find the only presence of Roman remains on the Amalfi Coast: Villa Marittima Romana.


Atrani is a very small and very authentic village, from here is very easy to reach Ravello and Amalfi, you can walk to both of the villages. The small square of Atrani is the typical old Italian square and you cannot miss to visit. The beach of Atrani is truly romantic.


One of the most famous villages on the coast, located on a hill with a breathtaking view. It is a very chic village, with some of the most exclusive hotels and villas of the coast. In Ravello you’d better visit the cathedral and then the beautiful Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Villa Rufolo has wonderful Italian gardens with a breathtaking view. Villa Rufolo is also well-known in the world because in summer is the host structure of the Ravello Festival, the famous music and culture festival. Villa Cimbrone is an ancient residence of the XII century. The gardens of the Villa, with their impressive beauty, are considered to be among the most important examples of botanical culture in southern Europe. The villa itself is a private five-star hotel (Hotel Villa Cimbrone), but the gardens are open to the public. Its amazing views, especially the Infinity Terrace, qualify Villa Cimbrone as having the most memorable view of the Amalfi Coast. Today Villa Cimbrone also hosts a gourmet restaurant called Il Flauto di Pan.


The most important town of the Coast, Amalfi ha s a lively day and night life. It has been one of the historic Maritime Republics in Italy. Amalfi is nice to visit no matter the season, and it is an excellent place to stay from which starting to explore the coast, well linked by bus and by hydrofoil with several other towns on the coast wand with Salerno too.
In Amalfi you have to visit the Cathedral and its wonderful cloister, with plants and the crypt and the beautiful interiors of the church. Amalfi is also famous for its paper, called in fact “The Amalfi paper”, so when you are visiting, don’t forget to buy a notebook or writing set made with the famous local paper.
From Amalfi starts a very beautiful walking route, the Valle delle Ferriere, an ancient route once used for trade, with ancient mills, waterfalls, streams and lot of stairs to walk through the nature.


Up towards the Lattari mountains there is Agerola, a town famous for being home of the best fiordilatte cheese in Campania region. Agerola is also a very popular stop because it is the point where the Path of the Gods begins, one of the most scenic routes in the world from where you can have a wide point of view on the amalfi and the Sorrento Coast.

Conca dei Marini

Maybe this is the less crowded town in Amalfi Coast, with very clear waters. Do not miss a boat trip to the Grotta dello Smeraldo, a cave with stalactites and intense green water and on its bottom there is a submerged nativity scene. Very fascinating is the landscape with the Torre Saracena. If you like me love churches, when in Conca dei Marini you cannot miss visiting the church of San Michele Arcangelo.


Furore, a tiny village located between Amalfi and Positano, is very famous for the beautiful fjord overlooking the sea. Is a place lost in time that has always tried to maintain its identity, and in fact it is a UNESCO heritage site and considered one of the most beautiful old villages in Italy.


A small well-kept village located on the tip of a promontory overlooking the sea, it is a very exclusive place, not so open to mass tourism, perhaps because it is not a place for “society” or night life.

Positano-elopement-photos (6)


Maybe the most famous place on the coast! It is both very particular and very chaotic, with people coming from all over the world, especially because of its iconic view of the colorful little houses on the hill overlooking the sea. Maybe is better to visit Positano during the mid-season or also in winter, with few people. Positano is one of the best places on the coast to go shopping looking for the “Positano fashion” made of sandals, linen, light dresses.