Italian wedding photographers: my favorites

by Chiara

Besides being one of the most important destinations for international weddings, Italy is home to some of the best wedding photographers in the world – you can take yourself a look at Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Brides and so on, and finding lot of wonderful wedding photography mastered by Italian photographers.

Since I don’t believe in rankings, but I do really believe in kindness and good Karma and sincere love, I decided to start the year writing for the first time a short list of my favorite Italian wedding photographers. Of course, even if on my little list you will find some very wellknown names, this is something very personal. As I told before, there are lots of great Italian wedding photographers out there. But here are my favorites!

This is a very short list of favorites, I really wanted to concentrate on a little number of names. These names have in common being all Italian wedding photographers, even if they have different styles and approaches. And I really love the work of each of them! In fact, those who know me already know that I really admire and love the work of all the photographers on this personal list.

I’m very happy and proud to see that in Italy some of the most famous (and fine) wedding photographers are women, so I want to start with two women!


Cinzia Bruschini of Cinzia Bruschini Studio

It’s impossible not to include Cinzia in a list of the best Italian wedding photographers. And to me, especially because of her continuous research and of her inner whimsical genius, she is the very “Special one” of italian wedding photography. I love each and every of her kind of “changes of directions”; to me she is the true representative of the words “different” and “timeless” in Italian wedding photography.

Find her work on Instagram

Anna Ambrosi of Bianco Photography

Anna is a very talented woman, and not only for wedding photography but even for her personal projects and for her great intuition. Needless to say that what I love most of her work is her natural elegance and her great good taste. Not to mention her work around family portraiture and group shots – which is something that I feel very “close” to my ropes.

Here it is her Instagram profile

Giuseppe Marano

What to say about his work, I think that is simply incredible! I.LOVE.IT.PERIOD. In Giuseppe’s work I notice a great sense of freedom, that kind of freedom that one can achieve only through continous study and discipline, a sort of rigor that enhances creativity.

Check his work on Instagram

Carlo Carletti

One of the Masters of Italian wedding photography, maybe the first one. His great culture, his style, a blend of classic and kind of “reportage” is something that I really value a lot.

Here it is Carlo’s Instagram page

Special mentions

I want to include in my list of favorite Italian wedding photographers even other three names.

The first one is Roberto Panciatici. His work is something different from the others, he has had the merit of starting a new kind of wedding photography in Italy, more intimate and close to feelings and life and a little bit less “wedding”. Find his Instagram here.

Then, two other women (plus a man!).

Joanne Dunn. Always one of my heroines concerning wedding photography in Italy. Well, she is from South Africa, but she lives in Italy for many years so she is definitely an Italian wedding photographer! I love her classy and fashion style, and I can absolutely say that she is a very technical and creative photographer, all in one! Find Joanne’s Instagram here.

Last but not least, Rosita Lipari and Michele Lo Giudice of Primopiano photografica. Two Sicilian photographers, wife and husband, two of the best represantation of Italian style in the world. Their work is so “easygoing” and yet researched at the same time, so Italian and even open to many contaminations. Find their work on Instagram!

This was my personal list of favorite Italian wedding photographers. Maybe I will do another list with international wedding photographers I love – and, on that side, it would be a very varied list about styles and locations!

Who are your favorite Italian (or even international) wedding photographers? Let me know!