An elopement in Umbria | Elope in Italy


One of the best things to me is photographing elopements. Italy is perfect for elopements and when it comes to have a different scenario, something a little bit unusual and with a great countryside, Umbria region is one of the best places for elopements and weddings.

Inspired bride in Florence | Wedding inspiration

My love for Florence and Tuscany is not a mistery, and I consider myself so lucky to have the chance to come back there very often, for both work and leisure. When I had the idea to create an inspiration in an Italian city, of course Florence has been the first place in my mind! I created this photo session with a great crew of artists, and we are all very happy for the result because we consider it an homage to the wonderful city of Florence.

Brittany and Scott, engagement session in Chianti, Tuscany

Brittany and Scott flew from Canada to Italy to explore Tuscany and other stunning places around. In Tuscany they decided to visit Florence (it was not the first time for Brittany there, but she loved to come back), having a cooking class in San Gimignano and staying in Barberino Val d’Elsa, in the amazing Podere San Bartolo.

Italy landscape – Assisi, Umbria

Being a photographer, and especially a destination photographer, travelling is a huge part of my job. Fortunately, I have the chance to visit many beautiful places all year long, and Umbria region is one of the places where I come back often, especially for weddings. These photos are from my last trip to Assisi, one of the well-known towns of the amazing Umbria region.

Samantha and Nick, engagement session in Naples, Italy

Napoli (Naples for those are not so familiar with Italian) is my hometown, the place where I belong to and where my heart is, and beyond that, and beyond any kind of taste, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. When it’s June Naples is already vibrant of summer’s colors and the sun starts shining bright since the early morning, and this is something that is well-known to all those who decide to come to Naples – yes, we are famous for the sun and the sea, and the colors, and the yellows, and so on.

Wedding at Santavenere, Maratea

This outdoor wedding in Maratea, in the wonderful Santavenere hotel, has been a pleasure to photograph. Maratea has this sweet breeze, a special mood that becomes even more fascinating during autumn days like this. And the whole wedding of Sarah and Kyle has been particular indeed. Deep love and friendship were in the air, not only between the bride and groom but among all those presents.

A relaxed and organic Umbria wedding

When Amy and James asked me to be the photographer of their wedding day in Umbria, I was very, very happy. Umbria region, with such beautiful views and gentle hills, is one of my favorite in the whole Italy – and is one of the most beautiful backdrops for a wedding indeed. This wedding has been the perfect symbol of what every wedding day should be: relaxed, organic, elegant and fun.

Indian wedding at Villa San Giacomo, Positano – part one

I can’t wait to share some images of the wedding of Emily and Arnab, an amazing day with two (yes, two!) ceremonies, the Hindu one and the symbolic one. I adored the location, Villa San Giacomo in Positano, everything here is special: the place, the food, the view, the whole experience has been wonderful. The day started with the getting ready and the Indian ceremony, and this first post about Emily and Arnab’s wedding in Positano, is focused on those moments.