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Destination wedding in Paris at Pavillon Royal, Cecile & Jack

by Chiara

That’s the story of a wedding in Paris, that I’ve photographed in June with my dearest colleague and friend Roberta. Past spring Roberta called me asking “Would you come to be with me as second photographer for a wedding in Paris? I think that would be a nice experience the two of us together in Paris!” Needless to say that I simply answered the truth: Paris is a very special place in my heart, and I couldn’t miss the chance. So in June I met Roberta in Paris and we started dancing! Not only I was soooo happy to be in the Ville Lumiere again, but moreover, the Paris wedding of Cecile and Jack has been amazing and even very funny – and you know that when you’re having fun you never want to stop! The location, Pavillon Royal, was beautiful and simply perfect for this wedding – Cecile and Jack have had a Jewish wedding celebration in an impressive setting organized by the talented wedding planners of Mission Mariage.

One of the funniest things of the day was that we photographed this wedding in Paris just on the period of the World Cup and exactly on the date of the match France vs Argentina. So, during the getting ready a big screen has been set up to let the guests watching the competition – incidentally, France won the match 4-3! The Jewish wedding ceremony of Cecile and Jack has been touching and besides the wonderful set up of the flowers, the beautiful Chuppah arranged, and the traditional smashing of the glass, the Rabbi, during his very moving speech, pronounced words of peace, equality and acceptance. I have a lot of memories of this wedding in Paris, especially the sweetness of Cecile and how her and Jack seemed to be bound by love and deep respect, and all their friends seemed to be really in love with them both!

The wedding reception of this Paris wedding has been very lively and cheerful: the Pavillon Royal perfectly hosted all the guests for the cocktails, the dinner and the dancing time. I was about to forget to say that Jack he is a profound connoisseur and lover of wine, in fact lot of good wine has been a very important presence on the day. And what’s better than a wedding in Paris to taste the best wine in the world while being in France? Even if I personally don’t drink wine (shame on me, i know), I really appreciated the wedding cake, made in a “classic” Parisian style with colorful macarons (Oh, Ladurée!) and, of course, lots of candels, don’t forget that we were in the city of lights! At last, the dancing time: what to say, except that we had a lot of fun with the bride and groom and their friends? The best French lifestyle for this wedding in Paris between a Parisian lady and an American man. An experience that would be nice to live again and again.

I have been soooo happy to be in Paris again, it’s a place I feel to belong to, from the first time I’ve been there. And I was even happier to be there with my dear Roberta, and I loved how each of us photographed this Paris wedding, in a different way and with a different vision, each of us in their own way. Don’t forget to take a look to Roberta’s photographs on this Paris wedding story and to her whole site! Thank you again Roberta for having me by your side during this beautiful big day in Paris. Enjoy this wedding in Paris, I can’t wait to be back in Paris for more! À bientôt ma chérie Paris!