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Pre wedding photo session in Sorrento

When Isa and Matthew asked me to shoot their pre wedding photo session in Sorrento, I didn’t know yet that I would meet a couple so pretty and in love. They both got great grace and kindness, which are qualities that I really appreciate, and that allow me to find an immediate connection with the people I meet and the couples I photograph.

I consider myself a really lucky person doing this kind of job, through which I discover the best inside the people I meet, I discover their love and the connection they have with each other and with the rest of the world, and this is such a beautiful way to relate with them.    pre-wedding-photo-session-sorrento-coast (4)pre-wedding-photo-session-sorrento-coast (1) pre-wedding-photo-session-sorrento-coast (5)  couple-portraits-pre-wedding-sorrento (4) couple-portraits-pre-wedding-sorrento (6) couple-portraits-pre-wedding-sorrento (7)conservatorio-view-sorrento couple-pre-wedding-in-corrento (1)  sorrento-pre-wedding-portraits (1)pre-wedding-photos-san-francesco-cloister-sorrento (3) sorrento-pre-wedding-portraits (2)pre-wedding-photos-san-francesco-cloister-sorrento (4)pre-wedding-photos-in-sorrento-at-dusk (1) pre-wedding-portraits-sorrento-italy (3)pre-wedding-portraits-sorrento-italy (1)pre-wedding-photos-in-sorrento-at-dusk (6)  pre-wedding-photos-in-sorrento-at-dusk (9) couple-photo-session-on-the-beach-in-sorrento (1) couple-photo-session-on-the-beach-in-sorrento (4)  couple-photo-session-on-the-beach-in-sorrento (9) couple-in-sorrento-at-dusk (1) black-and-white-pre-wedding-photos-sorrento (1)

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