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Pre wedding photos in Amalfi Coast

by Chiara

Pre wedding photo sessions are some of my favorites. I have the chance to spend some time with the bride and groom alone and to better understand their desires and suit the photo session on their personalities. I loved to make this prewedding portrait session in Amalfi Coast during a beautiful spring day. The sun was high in the sky but the temperature was fine, so we have chosen the best time on the day to capture the beauty of Positano and its sea and nature but at the same time not being hitted by the hot sun. My advice for the best prewedding photo sessions, especially when taken in warm and sunny places like the Amalfi Coast, is to always rely to the photographer for the best time of the day and, if you are not sure about that, also asking for the best season, the best time of the year. The light varies a lot during the different seasons and of course during the same day, so it’s better to ask to your photographer in order to achieve the best result and the best experience on the day!