Ravello villas and gardens for your wedding and elopement

Ravello is one of the most famous wedding destinations inItaly. It is for sure one of the most elegant, quiet and exclusive wedding locations in Amalfi Coast and in the whole Southern Italy. Ravello is always beautiful and romantic and has some of the best locations and venues for a wedding or an elopement, is definitely a great place for celebrate love. It is not a surprise that this small town attracts so many couples for their special day on the Amalfi Coast.

Ravello means a special light, extraordinary terraces with magnificient views, luxuriant gardens in antique villas, and tiny and elegant alleys. Ravello is wellknown for being the city of music, but is also the city of flowers and… cats. Everywhere in Ravello you can smell and “touch” the Italian way of life. In Ravello you will still find the the atmosphere of the Grand Tour! This elegant town on the Amalfi Coast is a special place for an event like a wedding for sure. You can have your Ravello wedding at one of the fantastic luxury hotels. These provide the perfect locations for your celebration and allow me to capture images that you can enjoy for years to come.

Ravello is small but offers plenty of restaurants for food experiences and beautiful hotels and villas for weddings and elopements. You may choose of having a symbolic wedding, a civil wedding in the town hall and its gardens, or a religious wedding in one of the churches of the town.


One of the most classy, beautiful and timeless villas in Italy, and a renomate venue for weddings and elopements in Ravello. Villa Cimbrone is a place full of charme, with the most beautiful view on the Amalfi Coast from the Infinity Terrace – when you will arrive there, you will understand the reasons of this name! Also its gardens make Villa Cimbrone one of the most impressive spots for a wedding in a Ravello. As a Ravello wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure to capture several couples in Villa Cimbrone, for their wedding day, elopement, honeymoon and engagement photo shoots.


Villa Rufolo is one of the most important villas in Italy. Famous for its concerts of classic music, Villa Rufolo fascinated Richard Wagner so much to inspire his Parsifal. The quiet and serene atmosphere of Villa Rufolo is also an inspiration for couples from all over the world, that decide to celebrate thir big day here. In fact, Villa Rufolo is chosen as a destination wedding venue in Ravello and also for wedding proposalsand elopements.


Beyond the two most famous and magnificient villas with their beautiful gardens – Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo – there are other beautifullocations and restaurant in Ravello, where you can celebrate a classic wedding or an elopements or micro-wedding.

Hotel Belmond Caruso

Villa La Rondinaia

Palazzo Avino

Palazzo Confalone

Villa Scarpariello Relais

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