Ravello wedding photographer

You decided to get married in Ravello, one of the most beautiful places in the world – and now you are looking for a Ravello wedding photographer. Then, welcome on my site!

I’m a female wedding photographer in Ravello, English and Italian speaking. I photograph weddings and elopements in Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast and beyond. I live in Naples and I have a deep knowledge of Ravello and the Amalfi Coast. I’ve been so lucky to have been working in the most unique venues in Ravello such as Villa Cimbrone, the Belmond Caruso, Villa Rufolo and others. I would be happy and honoured to be a part of your wedding day in Ravello, being with you like a special witness with a camera!

Chiara, your wedding photographer in Ravello

I’m Chiara, a Ravello wedding photographer available for capturing weddings and elopements in Ravello and all over the Amalfi Coast. Ravello has a unique place in my heart, is one of my favourites wedding locations and travel spots in Southern Italy. As an Ravello wedding photographer, I photograph weddings on the whole Amalfi Coast, in Positano, Capri, and Sorrento.

Ravello wedding photographer: my style

As said, I love being a Ravello wedding photographer! And I love to capture weddings and elopements there in my style, that I consider documentary but also romantic and artistic at the same timeI love working in a unobtrusive and organic way. I will be with you living the moments and being “present”, with curiosity and professionality. I think that a wedding or elopement photo shoot have to be a nice experience in itself, going with the flow, and it is not a sequence of poses, even if here and there I could give some advice for the best light or to let you feel more comfortable with me and in front of the camera. My work is authentic and organic. My aim is to capture moments of joy, romance, tenderness, and the the in-betweens.

For me every wedding is exciting and unique. To me, weddings and elopements have to be the representation of a couple history, of their souls and personalities. That’s the reason why I love capturing weddings, elopements and honeymoons in Ravello, a place that is already special and particular itself.

Digital and film photographer in Ravello

I photograph weddings in Ravello and I do it with digital and on film. Take a look at my PORTFOLIO, so you can have a wider idea of my photography work with weddings and elopements in Ravello, Positano, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. I consider myself a versatile hybrid photographer, and I love to go from portraiture, to documentary and more, with digital and on film. I provide bespoke services to make your wedding photography an easygoing and natural experience. I don’t follow any classic rule or trends in wedding photography. I’m not that kind of photographer! I love to be the witness of your day even capturing details you don’t notice at the moment.

I am a documentary and artistic wedding photographer in Italy. I’m specialized in destination weddings photography. To me, there is something special in taking wedding photography in my homeland in a such extraordinary, classy and amazing places like Ravello.

Not ordinary wedding photos in Amalfi Coast

It is easy to understand why Amalfi Coast and Ravello are among the best places for an Italian destination wedding. Every destination is different from the others, and everyone of them has its particular vibes. Beyond nature, history and art, beyond the spectacular views and the Mediterranean sea, also the lifestyle, the feeling, the entire atmosphere of Ravello and the Amalfi Coast are something that will inspire you in choosing your destination for your wedding day.

Couples choose the Amalfi Coast for their destination wedding because when they come here, they feel that this is THE place to celebrate their love and union in a really unique way. For me, as a Ravello wedding photographer, the colors, the views, the people, the nature, the food, everything here could create a unique surrounding for the wedding photos I shoot for my couples. Ravello and the Amalfi Coast are great places, not only for weddings, but also for engagement, wedding proposal and much more. I’m pretty sure that after your wedding day you won’t go back home!

Ravello, the gem of the Amalfi Coast

Ravello is very picturesque and classy, a small town with perhaps the most scenic views of the entire Amalfi Coast. Ravello is a place unique in its kind – in fact, it has been nominated a world heritage site by UNESCO. Ravello has an artistic and quite bohemian soul, and it has always been much loved from poets, writers, artists and musicians of all times – Richard Wagner and André Gide above all. Ravello is still an inspiration for people, travelers, couples from all over the world.

Ravello looks like it came straight out of a postcard! It is a fairy tale of beauty and harmony, but in real life. Even if Ravello is very wellknown, it still remains a place where you can find some hidden treasures of the Amalfi Coast. Ravello is a peaceful enviroment that seems to be quite far from the most crowded towns on the Coast – and of course this is a very good news regarding wedding photos.

Why choosing Ravello for the celebration of your love story

When you have to choose the right destination for your wedding in Italy, you have a lot of choice. To make your best choice, you have to consider some important things: if you desire a wedding or an elopement, which is your budget, the number of guests, the time of the year… and so on. But first thing first, you should consider that the place where you are going to get married will stay in your memories and your hearts forever. So, you should decide for a place that really resonates with your souls, that represents who you truly are.

Ravello is a very extraordinary place. Its magic lies in its prominent and quiet beauty and all those subtle, impalpable details that make Ravello a really unique place in the world. Ravello is a special location for wedding and elopements, you cannot get wrong with that.

What a wedding photographer in Ravello could do for you

A Ravello wedding photographer is conscious that Ravello is not a common place and that your wedding will be extraordinary in some ways too. And that’s the reason why your event in Ravello deserves only the best wedding photography experience. When I talk about “experience”, I mean not only the skills that your photographer should have, but especially the experience that you will live with them. As a Ravello wedding photographer, I always strive to do my best for my couples, in terms of photography but also human connection. I want to make my clients feel comfortable having me around during the day, following their big day and living it totally with them. I do my best to capture moments of your special day and re-create with you a story that you will treasure forever in both your memories and on pictures. My aim is to live, capture and enhance the beauty of the day and the unique atmosphere of your wedding or elopement in Ravello.

The uniqueness of a photo

Portraits, organic pictures, film photography, black and white, and also exceptional locations in Italy like Ravello and the Amalfi Coast, are some of the ingredients of my stories. On my website you can find out more about my style and my work as a wedding photographer in Ravello and beyond. Does what you see resonates with you and maybe inspires you for your Ravello wedding? For a wedding in a such unique wedding location like Ravello, you need the best wedding photographer for you. The right wedding photographer in Ravello for you, will be able to capture all the magical atmosphere of your wedding day.

So, am I YOUR Ravello wedding photographer?

If you’re looking for a Ravello wedding photographer, if you want to know more about my photography packages for weddings in Ravello, and you desire to get precious destination insights, then just get in touch! I’ve been shooting weddings in Ravello and also elopements, engagements and proposals in Ravello and on the Amalfi Coast.

I follow a limited number of clients and events through the year, to serve them at my best with both digital and film photography, so get in touch and tell me about your wedding or event in Ravello. I would love to hear from you!