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Simple elopement under the sun of Capri

by Chiara

Capri is a charming island indeed, and having an elopement there could mean have the chance to discover different and hidden aspects of that place. Those who really know and love Capri know that the island is great not only because of its glamourous Piazzetta or the beautiful and luxury hotels, but also (and perhaps, especially) because of the sea, the view and for all its wonderful natural scenarios. Gwen and Hector, from Canada, fallen in love with not only the lush part of Capri, but also with its wild one, so it was quite natural for them to choose to go for some sort of trip dedicated to the sun, the sea and the nature. We enjoyed a very long walking through the white alleys, in the caves, down the footpaths and then passing through the Faraglioni stacks on the boat. Of course we all loved the tour. If you have in mind to visit Capri for some days, don’t forget to plan a trip around the island and a walk into the town, in Anacapri, to the lighthouse or on the Solaro mount taking the chairlift. This is an island full of surprises – for example the beautiful noble Villa San Michele, with its stunning panorama – so while you’re there in one of the fantastic hotels, don’t miss the chance to visit not-so-traditional paths.