An itinerary full of emotions to discover the most beautiful corners of the capital

Rome, the eternal city. A couple getaway to discover the capital will leave an eternal emotion and an unforgettable memory in the heart of every traveler. The most beautiful corners and monuments of the city observed with the eyes of love and in strategic moments of the day attract at first glance and reveal an even more evocative face of Rome. An itinerary dedicated to art, history and culture is transformed into an experience with a high rate of romanticism to be immortalized shot after shot and, for those who love them, selfie after selfie, obviously as a couple.

You cannot think of leaving Rome without taking a walk through the streets of the center to discover the most beautiful squares and the most famous streets. Piazza del Popolo, via del Corso, via Condotti and Piazza di Spagna are a feast for the eyes. Piazza Navona surprises with the beauty of its monumental fountains and the buildings that frame it. Piazza della Rotonda dominated by the silhouette of the Pantheon is of great visual and emotional impact, whether you visit it during the day or reach it at nightfall. After sunset, ome becomes even more magical indeed and offers more intense emotions.

Of course you cannot miss the Trevi Fountain, where you can throw your coin hoping to return one day. And for the very romantic experience in Rome, go admire the sunset from the terrace of the Gianicolo. The same special atmosphere that you can find creating beautiful memories when you visit Castel Sant’Angelo or the Baths of Caracalla under the stars, perhaps attending one of the shows during the summer season. And then, why not, concluding the evening with a walk to the illuminated “Dome” of St. Peter’s Basilica.

For those who prefer a lively evening and even a little folk, the appointment is in the streets and clubs of Trastevere and Testaccio, historic districts of the city and meeting point for many Romans. For a pleasant sparkling evening, the appointment is also in the Ponte Milvio area where, in addition to being able to count on a wide choice of restaurants and clubs of all kinds, you can admire what remains one of the most romantic and characteristic bridges of the city.

Couples who love to live by day will not struggle to fill their days with long historical and artistic itineraries with incredibly romantic views. A walk on Via dei Fori Imperiali is a must. The emotion when, at the end of the street, the Colosseum stands out with all its grandeur is truly unique. And the most “daring” (and sincere) will be able to swear eternal love in the presence of the Mouth of Truth, hoping to keep both hands!

And when you should feel the need to rest and pause to rearrange your ideas and the tumult of sensations experienced, the appointment is in the green of the city parks and villas. Villa Borghese above all, with its irresistible mix of nature and history. And for the incurable romantics it will be beautiful instead of walking in the Orange Garden and in the Municipal Rose Garden, or look from the famous keyhole on the door of the Villa del Priorato di Malta, in the Aventino district, from which you can admire, with a unique perspective, a wonderful view of the dome of San Pietro and the Roman roofs.