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Same sex engagement session in Capri

by Chiara

I can’t say how much I love Capri and how much I loved taking the engagement photo shoot of Gia and Samantha here! I was very happy and proud that they chose me for their photo session in “my” beloved island of Capri, and, as you will see later on this site, I’m even more glad that I have had the chance to be a part of their wedding day as their photographer. I remember how excited Gia and Samm were the day of their engagement session! We met at sunrise at their hotel – one of the most beautiful hotels in Capri indeed, and take a look at the view! – and we moved around the island taking photos. The background for their engagement photo shoot has one main word: nature. And, above all, the first word that comes to my mind to descrive that day is: perfection. The blue, clear sky, that bright day. Samantha and Gia were totally gorgeous and everything has been just perfect.view-of-capri (1)same-sex-engagement-capri (7)view-of-capri (2)same-sex-engagement-capri (4)same-sex-engagement-capri (9)same-sex-engagement-capri (8)same-sex-engagement-capri (2)same-sex-engagement-capri (3)same-sex-engagement-capri (1)same-sex-engagement-capri (5)same-sex-engagement-capri (6)view-of-capri (3)