Engagement session

The engagement session is a photo shoot organized with the photographer before your wedding day.  It usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours, and in this time you may have a crew at your disposal. Some of my spouses ask me if they should take engagement photos before the wedding day, here are some good reasons to have your engagement photos taken:

Create a before and after – the pre-marriage service will give you the opportunity to immortalize yourself in a sort of before and after the wedding; it will be fun to see you again after a few years.

Increase the memories you share together- a year and a moment like this must be immortalized and lived fully, so why not give yourself an additional session to the classic wedding service.

Temper the emotion: an engagement photo session is a good way to put yourself at ease in front of the camera, create confidence with the team and the lens, so as to have spontaneous poses even on the wedding day.


Where to take your engagement photos

As a photographer, it’s important to me to know any desire or request of my clients about their photo shoot, this allows me to organize the engagement session at its best and in the best location. Here are some ideas on where to take the engagement photos:

Create a fil rouge with the wedding. If you want to create a certain continuity with the mood of the wedding then me advice is to design the photo shoot in a location that recalls the style of the big day.

A different setting. This is the opposite case to the previous point: a totally different location than your wedding. If you get married in the countryside, prefer an afternoon at the beach or a walk through the streets of an art city.

A dear place. Relive your story in the places that most remind you of the important moments lived side by side (the place of the first kiss, the marriage proposal, your love nest).



Engagement session ideas

When it comes to engagement and wedding photos, you can certainly rely on your photographer’s experience and job. In terms of personal tastes, you may find some nice ideas like these ones:

Besides the most romantic places like the beach or the countryside or the forest, consider to have your engagement photo session taken even in an art city or with a modern, urban landscape, or even in the oldtown of the city.

Consider not only spring and summer for your engagement session. During fall and winter the atmosphere around is warmer and the photos could take advantage of this additional romance like some rain or the snow.

Even if all of your friends have their engagement pictures taken outdoor, you may consider having an indoor session instead – or part of it. Staying at home in a familiar and cozy atmosphere for some more intimate photos, or maybe in a beautiful and elegant hotel with salons, work of art and mirrors taking some glamorous pictures, don’t put limits on imagination.

The engagement session is a moment of total freedom with no tight timeline. Use this time to enjoy the moment and express your style: intimate, formal, chic, glam, vintage… Relax, breathe and express yourself, you are in a safe zone!



Hair, makeup and style

There is no pre-established outfit for the engagement session, much depends on the place and time of the photo shoot and of course on your tastes and personality. It’s important to feel at ease, to be able to fully live that moment and having some fun. Some of my clients love to talk with me about their outfits in more details before the day, and I’m always happy to do so and give some specific advice, even in order to organize the photo shoot at its best and having them at their most comfort. So don’t hesitate to share with me your style’s ideas and dubts or asking for recommendations on where to find the best muah or boutiques.

Save the date

Engagement session photos are often used to communicate the Save The Date. Do not forget that you can use the shots can to formalize the wedding date, they can be shared on social networks or printed.