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Typical and yet modern Italian weddings

I travel up and down Italy because of work, and most of my clients are English speaking – they come from United States, Australia, United Kingdom but also from Asia.  I decided to dedicate part of my job to help not Italian couples to get married in Italy and being their wedding photographer.

So, being an Italian photographer, I’m very lucky to partecipate in various kinds of weddings with different cultures, languages, gestures, celebrations. Every nation has its own way to celebrate marriage and love between two people, and Italy is no exception. There’s a common thought that Italian are a noisy and very traditionalist population, and so their weddings. Well, as every  “legend” of course this is only part of the truth. Italy is universally considered as the homeland of elegance, fashion, art and good food. And all these aspects are in perfect harmony with the other side of its inner noisy/traditionalist nature. I was born in Naples, in the South of Italy, and I totally could say that my city is one of the best representation of the contradictions and facets of Italy and of its complexity. In Italy, traditions are the other side of elegance, sacred and profane stay always together, and luxury and sobriety walk often side by side. Below you could see a little review of some Italian weddings I had the chance to photograph. I love that particular taste of timeless atmosphere that here in Italy you find everywhere you go.

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