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Villa Cimbrone wedding sneak peek on film

by Chiara

Sometimes it happens that you photograph a wonderful wedding or an event, and you can’t show anything but a little sneak peek. And this is the case. I have beenĀ in Ravello in spring – yes, I know this little and fantastic town very well – and I have been in the treasure of the Amalfi Coast: Villa Cimbrone. I was there as a second shooter for my colleague Alessandro – thank you Alessandro for such a nice experience together! I will try to show you something about the wedding of T&J, but please remember that I can’t show you all! Anyway, the beauty of the day, of this wedding, of Ravello, and of Villa Cimbrone catch the eye! I’ve taken some pictures with my 35mm film camera and also with my beloved Hasselblad. I hope that through the photos you will enjoy the atmosphere and the relaxed and romantic mood of the coast, as we did in person.