Wedding anniversary reportage in Ravello

by Chiara

I think that a huge part of my job as a wedding and portrait photographer is to do my best to fit my vision with my clients’ desires and personalities. I considfer my work eclectic enough and I’m very proud of that, because I love to feel free in creation and at the same time having some boundaries – I believe that creativity works better within some limits, because you’re pushed to find an alternative way to express your concept.

Sometimes my clients ask for something in particular, a particular mood or way to catch them. Lia and Huw came to Amalfi Coast for a romantic journey. They are married, and they wanted to spend some time with each other in one of the most breathtaking places on heart: Ravello, of course. Lia is a photographer herself, she is a family photographer working in Munich – you can find her work here – and it has been clear, from the first moment we got in contact, that she and Huw wanted a reportage style for their photo session in Ravello. I loved to take photos of them through the streets of Ravello and in the magnificient Villa Cimbrone, and both me and them felt totally comfortable with this kind of photo shoot: a portrait session made of candids and with a reportage mood.  I loved the fact that they was very relaxed about my presence and most of all they were totally in the present moment, focused on themselves, interacting with each other and not thinking about me. My suggestion, if you’d like to have some portraits taken in a reportage style, is to stay in the moment and enjoy what you are doing and place where you are (Ravello and Amalfi Coast help a lot on this side!), then you will forget that you’re in a photo session and your feelings, emotions and personalities will shine. couple-on-the-stairs-of-ravello the-door-of-villa-cimbrone-ravellowedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (1)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (4) wedding-anniversary-villa-cimbrone-ravello (5)wedding-anniversary-villa-cimbrone-ravello (1)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (6)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (7)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (8)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (9)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (10)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (11)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (14)wedding-anniversary-in-villa-cimbrone-amalfi-coast (15)she-walking-down-the-stairs-of-villa-cimbrone-ravellocouple-photo-session-wedding-anniversary-ravellocouple-in-ravello-for-photo-shoot