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Wedding in Apulia, inspiration shoot

by Chiara

Apulia (Puglia in Italian) is a fantastic region  to get married in. Apulia has become one of the most popular places for luxury destination weddings in Italy. Apulia is rich in ancient traditions to discover, history and nature and good food. The predominant color here is white: you could find everywhere the famous and cozy white apulian houses. Typical constructions in Puglia are the masseria, colonial houses often adapted as beautiful hotels, resort and/or wedding venues.  For our inspiration for a wedding in Apulia, we started off exactly from a beautiful masseria, and we took inspiration from the typical event in Apulia: a sunny day in lush nature, a luxury mood with some rustic elements – and we obtained a really organic result, and we were happy about that, wanting to give an inspiration for an organic and luxury weddings an brides. When in Puglia I had the chance to take photos for this wedding ispiration, a bridal fashion shoot. Behind these wedding gowns there are two apulian artisan who create these wedding dresses one by one, fully handmade. This is the true spirit of this land, something made with love and devotion, with a care that makes evrything being eternal. The harmony that I find every time I go to Puglia region is something not so easy to descrive, but it is something that you notice at a first glance, something that you can feel in the air.