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Wedding Castello di Petrata, Assisi, Jess and Ryan

by Chiara

This chic and laid back wedding had been place in one of the most beautiful locations in Umbria: Castello di Petrata. Jess and Ryan choose Assisi, a small and beautiful medieval town on a hill that overlooks the underlying valley in Umbria region. This destination wedding in Castello di Petrata took place in the early days of spring, on a very bright day with that typical frizzy air that one can find in Italy in March. The atmosphere of the wedding day was chic yet informal. The wedding ceremony took place in the courtyard of Castello di Petrata, facing the magnificent countryside and the hills of Assisi. A very unique wedding day, with the romantic wedding ceremony, the beautiful portraits of the bride and groom, the warm atmosphere of Petrata. At the end of the wedding day, the dinner in the main saloon of the mansion, with an amazing setting and that typicalItalian food that you can find in Umbria region. And, after the dinner, the wedding party started, with Jess and Ryan surrounded by friends on the dancefloor!

Assisi, the location of this wedding, is one of the most important and beautiful towns in Umbria and in the whole Central Italy, with the church of Saint Francis, the lanes, the panorama view’s from the hills. And Castello di Petrata, with its unique atmosphere, is a gem of this very special place in Umbria. I was very happy and honored to photograph this destination wedding in Castello di Petrata. It has been amazing to take part in such a beautiful event, created and designed by Silvia and Angela of Si Weddings in Italy, and to feel part of the day with Jessica, Ryan and all their wedding guests. This wedding in Umbria was so beautiful that I believe I will never forget that day!

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