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Maybe you decided to get married in Sorrento coast and now you are looking for your wedding photographer in Sorrento. Then, you are in the right place! Welcome to my page dedicated to wedding photography in Sorrento!

Getting married in Sorrento

Sorrento is the one of the most famous italian wedding destination and an attraction for visitors since ancient Roman times, which had elected Sorrento as their favorite destination for vacation. In the eighteenth century Sorrento were one of the destinations of the Grand Tour, a trip among the most notable European places and cities, undertaken by foreign intellectuals to study culture, art and history. Sorrento extends onto a terrace in tuff that falls close to the sea, and is located on the other side of the Gulf of Naples, with a stunning view of the bay of Naples. The name “Sorrento” comes by Greeks ‘Syrenusion’ that means Siren’s land, a place where lived the Sirens, the mythological creatures half woman and half fish that Homer told in his Odyssey.

The Sorrento Peninsula is an area extended from Vico Equense to Massa Lubrense, a place full of colors, breathtaking views and landscapes and a great atmosphere. In facts Sorrento has always attracted literary men and artists from all over the world. Sorrento Peninsula is one of the most popular destinations of the Campania region and numerous couples every year chose to get married in Sorrento. From Sorrento it’s also easy to get to Capri, Ischia, Naples, Pompei and Ercolano, Amalfi coast, Paestum and Cilento coast. The entire historical center of Sorrento offers fascinating points, with narrow streets paved in stone, the houses joined together by slender arches, which betray their medieval origin.

The various churches represent a significant insight into the history of the place, just like the Convent of San Francisco or the Cathedral, built in 400. Sorrento is one of the most famous wedding location. Breathtaking views, exclusive wedding receptions, and banquets composed by the most delicious Mediterranean dishes, form the perfect combination that attracts couples from all over the world. In Sorrento you can getting married with religious or civil ceremony and many locations offer the opportunity to make the symbolic rite. There are many ways to get married in Sorrento, from rustic farmhouses to its famous luxury hotels, where you can have an exclusive wedding.

The best Sorrento wedding venues

As a wedding photographer in Sorrento I worked in many beautiful wedding venues.

Here there are some of the best locations for a wedding in Sorrento.

  • Bellevue Syrene
  • Relais Blu
  • Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria
  • Villa Angelina