Wedding photos

This portfolio is just a selection of wedding photos I took during events all over Italy and beyond. Is something I put together to give you a first hint about my style and how I approach to wedding photography. 

The style: Independent. Empathic. Refined.

To describe my style I use these three words. Independent because I don’t mind following trends, and I don’t want to put my clients or my photography (your photographs!) in a box. Every couple is unique, every event is unique indeed and deserves the best attention to details, no matter the trends. Empathic because I not only work with people, but I live the moment with them. I’m here, with you, in a full immersion in the present moment, following, partecipating and “taking” the day with you – and here and there giving some suggestion when needed. Refined because even if I love documenting the events as they unfold, in a very authentic way, as a wedding photographer I always strive to do something special, creative, elegant, unusual and timeless.