What to see in Capri? Good question! There are lots of things to do and to see in Capri! Whether for a day trip or for a longer vacation, the island offers endless possibilities. You can strolling through the narrow streets of the center, go hiking, relaxing by the sea, visiting historic villas, taking a boat ride, and much more.

Here it is a list with the best things to see and to do in Capri to make your trip truly unique!

Capri-view-by-Chiara-NataleWhat to see in Capri in a few hours or in a weekend


The Faraglioni: things you don’t know about the giants of the coast

The first time I pass in the middle of the Faraglioni by boat, I felt like a 1950s diva in a D&G commercial! There are 3 Faraglioni, and one of them has an opening in the middle, in which small boats can pass through. The Faraglioni are the symbol of Capri. They are the guardians of the island, close to the coast and immersed in the blue sea.

Each Faraglione has its own name. The closest to the coast is called Saetta, the one in the middle is called Stella, and the one further off, Scopolo. What is your favorite?


The Blue Grotto: the most beautiful sea cave in the world

I must confess: I have never been inside the Blue Grotto! Every time I tried, the tide and wind conditions weren’t optimal and so I had to stay admiring it from the outside. In fact, boats can enter inside the Blue Grotto only in good weather and low tide conditions, and they have to be driven by local expert sailors.

The Blue Grotto has been known since the time of Tiberius, and it owes its name to the intense blue of the sea inside. During the sunny days, the waters of the Grotto light up with a special, iridescent light, with a very suggestive effect! How do I know if I’ve never been inside? From the romantic tales of the fishermen, and because even from the outside you can glimpse a beautiful dazzling blue.


The Piazzetta, the heart of the movida

Capri is very heterogeneous. Here you can do many different things, including a sport loved by many: vipwatching! It consists in spotting the people of the jet-set who roam the Piazzetta day and night. Piazza Umberto I, known as the “Piazzetta”, is in fact the heart of the island, and it has always been the symbol of Capri’s Dolce Vita.

At the cafès here, you can go for drinking a coffee or having an aperitif, for chatting and maybe do some gossip about the VIPs you meet. From the square then you can leave for the streets exploring Capri. Strolling through the shopping streets, including the famous Via Camerelle, or going through the alleys with the typical white walls, up to the highest part of Capri.


Things to see in Capri: Villa San Michele, Villa Lysis and the other ancient villas

Villa-San-Michele-Capri-by-Chiara-NataleThere are some of the most beautiful and ancient villas of the Campania region, in Capri. I still remember the first time I went to Villa San Michele in Anacapri. Wandering around the museum, going through the garden and on the terraces, I was literally speechless, so much beauty around!

Villa San Michele was built by Axel Munthe, Swedish doctor and intellectual. Is one of the most visited places on the island. It is a house-museum with a splendid viewpoint overlooking the Gulf of Naples. Inside there are the remains of an ancient Roman villa mixed with artworks and furnishings from the late 1800s. In addition to Villa San Michele, I want to mention Villa Lysis, Villa Malaparte and Villa Jovis. This last one is a Roman construction, dedicated to Jupiter, by Tiberius. Today you can visit its remains, which are among the best preserved in the Mediterranean area.


Solaro mount: the “sacred” mountain of Capri

Sorrento-Coast-seen-from-Capri-by-Chiara-NataleThe Solaro mount is located in Anacapri and is considered the island’s mountain. You can reach the mountain by a chairlift, with a wonderful view, but if you suffer from vertigo it is better you keep your eyes closed! The panorama from the top of the mount is unique. A privileged view of the Faraglioni, Sorrento, Naples and even Salerno. In spring, the Solaro mount is in bloom, and this is the best time to visit. Yon go trekking along the paths, being caressed by the warm wind, in and a placid and meditative atmosphere, like the one found at the hermitage of Cetrella, on the top of the mount.


The Lighthouse of Punta Carena: the most beautiful sunset on the island

Capri-lighthouse-by-Chiara-NataleAnacapri, the largest town on the island, is a set of colorful streets full of flowers. Anacapri is probably my favorite place, since every place here is gorgeous. In Anacapri there are some of the beauties of the island: the Solaro mount, the Blue Grotto, Villa San Michele and Punta Carena with its lighthouse.

The lighthouse is located in a rocky bay washed by deep blue waters. Is one of the most loved places by the people living in Capri. In fact, around the lighthouse you can enjoy a direct sunlight all day long, and here you can find the most beautiful sunsets on the island. The beaches near the lighthouse are famous for their aperitifs and parties, so if you are a party-lover, you can come here and dance all night long in front of the sea.


The beaches of the island of Capri: a swim among the rocks, in the deep blue sea

the-sea-in-Capri-by-Chiara-NataleCapri is a rocky island, and it does not have long sandy beaches. So, if you don’t like to walk on the rocks, my advice is to take a boat, going for a nice swim offshore. The sea in Capri has colors ranging from bright blue-green to deep blue, with transparent backdrops. In Marina Grande there is the largest beach on the island, and even near the port the water is crystal clear. If you want to find a retro-style seaside experience, you have to go to Marina Piccola. Here the beaches still have a very 60’ies allure. As at the famous “La Fontelina” in front of the Faraglioni, that still remembers the golden times of the Dolce Vita.


What to see in Capri: a boat tour is the best way to see Capri

Marina-Grande-by-Chiara-NataleWhat to see in Capri? The whole island! And the best way to see it is by boat, of course! A boat tour around the island is a truly unforgettable experience. In Marina Grande you can find several companies offering shared tours of the island. But when possible, I always prefer to rent a private boat with sailors. The private boat allows me to stop where I want and for as long as I want. What to see in Capri during an island tour? The most beautiful points of the coast, such as the Faraglioni, the Anacapri’s Lighthouse and the most hidden and wild corners around.


The Phoenician Staircase: from Capri up to Anacapri, and back!

The steps of the Phoenician Staircase are 921, and once I walked them all! The staircase leads from Marina Grande up to Anacapri. Built by the Greeks, the Phoenician Staircase was the only link between Capri and Anacapri for a long time. The climb is challenging – and the descent is difficult too! The steps are steep and it takes good knees, but I can swear that the view of the Gulf of Naples is is worth the walking!


Bonus tip: what to eat in Capri and where!

Talking about Capri, I can’t help but talk about food too! Capri is famous for two different dishes with the same name: the Caprese salad, and the Caprese cake. The first one a fresh salad with tomato, mozzarella, olive oil, salt, oregano and basil. The second one is a dessert made with almonds and chocolate. Both of them are genuine and delicious in their simplicity. When in Capri you cannot miss the fish specialties, such as squid with potatoes, mussel soup and marinated anchovies. And the Caprese ravioli, made with local caciotta and marjoram. Even the so called “Chiummenzana”, spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and typical aromas, are also inevitable.

How tasty is the food here! After dinner, drink a Limoncello prepared with Capri lemons and served in frozen glasses!

For a special dinner under the Capri lemons, I recommend Da Paolino” . For the dessert, take an ice cream of “Buonocore”, in the center of Capri.


* Secret bonus: take a tour of Naples!

Capri is a second home for me and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the island too. You can easily reach Capri by ferries and hydrofoils from the port of Naples, and if you are in the city, you cannot miss a tour of this truly unique place! For some tips on where to go and what to do, read my article on 10 amazing things to do in Naples.
Have you ever been in Capri or are you are planning to go there? If you enjoyed this trip through the beauties of Capri, or if you have other places on the island to recommend, leave a comment below and let me know what you think!