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Italy-destination-wedding-photographer-Chiara-Natale (4)
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My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Maya Angelou


Destination wedding photographer in Italy and beyond

I (love to) photograph destination weddings in Italy and beyond. I photograph weddings all around Italy: you can find me going up and down through the warm and sunny villages of the Amalfi Coast – I love Ravello above all! – in the Tuscany countryside or in a eternal city of art and history like Rome, Venice or Florence. Of course I also love to be the photographer of a wedding in the unique atmosphere of a mountain region in the North, with lakes, woods, nature and lot of cows. No matter if I’m with you photographing your wedding day in Sicily or Apulia, no matter if you prefer a boho chic wedding style in an ancient masseria or an elegant elopement only the two of you – maybe in a romantic city. No matter because I believe that the wedding day well represent the whole story of a couple, showing deep feelings, tastes and dreams, that’s why I will be with YOU documenting YOUR day. This is the reason why I try to take wedding pictures with a creative and timeless touch. I’m based in Italy, but I will be more than happy to follow you and your loved ones anywhere, so please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m ready, and I’m honored to be the photographer of your unique and special wedding day.


A call of freedom – aka the beauty of imperfection

I firmly believe in freedom and beauty. I believe that beauty and freedom are the reason why we are all here, on planet Earth. Beauty is all around us, everywhere, in nature, in movies, in a smile, is in my favourite book, in the eyes of my loved ones. And it lies in imperfection. I am committed to bring beauty to the world – I know, it may sounds exaggerate to say, but that is, because you can find beauty in all those little things, in a caress, in a flower. My path is a journey of freedom. I choose to be a photographer to remain free, discovering myself and the beauty around me, that beauty made of imperfection too. I feel myself as privileged to have the chance to stay so close to beauty in all its manifestation: hugs, lips, silence.  I love stories and I am a great story-listener indeed, still remembering the old legends and tales my grandma told me when I was only a kid. Today, I try bring stories to life through my camera. I take portraits of individuals, couples in love, I photograph the magic and the beauty of weddings, lifestyle portraitures and editorials. Everytime I feel very lucky because I can take pictures of the beauty itself: I photograph human beings, everyone with their inner beauty. I will ever do my best to create beauty, to honor imperfection, to remain free.


Film wedding photography (and much more love)

I really value film photography, and consider myself primarly as a film wedding photographer. I started professionally shooting on film when I was 20 and since then – but I’d better say since I was a child – my love for film never finished. I love to experiment with different types of films and film cameras, adapting my choices to the mood of the day and to the moment, and also to the personality of the couple and individuals I’m with. Sometimes I can carry with me both digital and analog cameras, so I can take photos from different “points of view”. Especially on a wedding day I found that analogue photography gives me the freedom to see the world from a more “artistry” perspective, having the time to concentrate about the moment I’m living in, completely staying in the present. Film photography is to me the better way to enhance the mood of that particular and unique wedding day and all those special in-between moments.