Ciao! I’m Chiara, your photographer!

I’m an Italian photographer, I was born in the South of Italy, a special place surrounded by art, history and nature. In a classic Italian style, I have learned to love beauty, to value the details and appreciate life. I have a degree in art, and I studied commercial photography and visual merchandising. In fact, I have a passion for styling and I’m an art lover, especially about painting.

If I reborn, I’d like to be an orchestra conductor or a great heights’ diver. I’m a great story-listener, and I firmly believe that kindness is the greatest form of love. I love things that are not fully revealed. I always try to connect to the world with a creative and generous touch, always with curiosity and sense of humor. I love new projects and collaborating with creative and open-mind people that are in search of uniqueness, freedom and beauty.

Do you want to make me really happy? Is not a secret that I LOVE to dance.

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