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Italian wedding photographer


I’m Chiara, wedding photographer in Italy. I travel all over Italy to photograph beautiful weddings and events and, as a destination wedding photographer, I’m ready to follow you wherever your event takes place in Italy, Europe and worldwide. I’m an Italy wedding photographer, I photograph weddings in Italy and beyond, even if I consider myself primarly an Amalfi Coast and a Tuscany wedding photographer. I’m available as your photographer in Venice, Rome, Apulia, Sicily, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Lake Garda, Como Lake. I’d be glad to follow you wherever your wedding will take place.







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You are a wedding photographer in Italy and for destinations, how is your your style and your approach?

Being a wedding photographer I love to make my work a bespoke service for my clients. Perfect matching among my personal vision and my clients’ personalities, tastes and desires.

I love taking pictures that have an authentic, refined, timeless touch. My approach is organic to the day, I will follow the events as they unfold. I want you to enjoy your wedding with no concerns about photography. I love being considered as a part of the day, someone that will be with you taking care of your memories and giving- here and there – some fine advice for taking the best wedding pictures.

Being an Italian photographer, I always take in great consideration the “artistic” aspect of wedding photography: the use of light, some creative touches, to give you a result that will be in part documentary and in part a more artistic vision.

Wedding photography to me is something exclusive because every wedding is really unique – you can see it also on my Wedding Portfolio – and at the same time wedding photography is closely linked to luxury, because as your wedding photographer I’m called to celebrating and exalting the beauty of your day while giving you the best wedding photography experience ever.