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If you are you looking for a photographer in Capri, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento or Amalfi Coast, or in Italy, maybe I’m the icing on the cake of your day!

I’m a female wedding photographer in Capri, English speaking. I love photographing weddings and elopements all over Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast – and I’m ready to fly with you wherever in Italy or abroad to celebrate your wedding together!


I’m a Capri wedding photographer and I love to capture weddings and elopements here. Capri is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean sea, an amazing place kissed by the beauty of nature, full of history and charme, it’s impossible not to fall in love with that island! Its beauty and special attitude inspired artists, poets and writers, it is very easy to understand why this is one of the best places for an Italian destination wedding. I love to work in many incredible locations in Capri, I like to use the island as a unique backdrop for wedding pictures. My knowledge of the area allows me to find the best locations for your wedding photos.

I photograph weddings and elopements in Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi Coast. From the white lanes of Capri and Anacapri, to the tiny villages of the Coast. In a place of art and history like Amalfi or Sorrento. Wherever you will celebrate your wedding in Capri, Positano, Ravello or Sorrento, I will be with you capturing the atmosphere of Italian traditions and modern feelings.

As a Capri wedding photographer I have the privilege to know the island of Capri and to live it in the most authentic way, appreciating both the natural and wild aspects and the glamorous ones. In fact Capri is special even because of its two inner natures: it is an amazing island on the naturalistic side and at the same time it has a very lively social life, in the most classy Dolce Vita Italian lifestyle. Capri is an exceptional place, made of scenery that you only see in the movies. You will love taking memories and photos in locations like these. Being a photographer in Capri means to me to live the island in its full beauty. I love to capture editorials, weddings and travel photos in Capri because of all the occasions to take unique photos with the most beautiful sunset or a great scenario.


Let’s elope to Capri!

Capri wedding photography

For your wedding in Capri, all the wedding vendors you will choose to help you with getting married on this enchanting island, will ensure that you will have a fantastic wedding or elopement. Especially your photographer, that will spend many time with you on your wedding day in Capri. That’s the reason why it’s important for you to hire a photographer who can match with you and your desires and need, both professionally and as a person. It’s important to rely on someone to knows the island. In fact, even if is not so complicated finding great locations for beautiful wedding photos in Capri, could be fundamental that your photographer knows how to reach the places, how to move around the island (for example, some places where is not allowed to go), and of course, the best time of the day in order to have the best memories taken on pictures. If you decide to have an elopement in Capri or a destination wedding here, together with your wedding photographer you will discover some aspects of Capri’s lifestyle, that is so relaxed and “Italian”! Capri weddings and elopements are very beautiful and unique, ask your photographer for any advice in order to have a fantastic and unforgettable Capri wedding or elopement.

Getting married in Capri

Capri has become an important wedding destination. It is a perfect location for a romantic, glamorous or wild destination weddings and elopements in Italy. People coming from all around the world, choose Capri and Anacapri for their wedding day or elopement. Capri can be easy reached from Naples and from the Sorrento Coast, by ferry or by private boat transfer.
Why do couples should choose the Capri for their destination wedding in Italy? Everything in Capri tastes special and recognizable: the architecture, the narrow streets, the colors of the nature and that incredible sunrise and sunset light! As a wedding photographer to me is a joy to capture a wedding or elopement here! As a Capri Wedding Photographer, I feel very lucky to have all that beauty around surrounding me my clients, allowing us to create fantastic wedding photography! If you decide to have an elopement or a destination wedding in Capri or Anacapri, together with your wedding photographer you will discover some aspects of Capri’s lifestyle, that is so relaxed, serene and so “Italian”!

Many couples choose Capri throughout the year to organize their wedding. Capri is divided in the main town of Capri and the upper part, called Anacapri. In Capri town we find the famous “Piazzetta”, the main square, the core of the social life of the island. Capri is the perfect location for a glamorous wedding, with photos taken through the streets. Anacapri, with its serene and wilder atmosphere, is perfect for intimate and romantic weddings. Both Capri and Anacapri are beautiful, and you can easily move from one place to another discovering many more beautiful locations for your wedding or elopement photos – you can do it either walking or by car (even better with a private driver). A good Capri wedding photographer could help you with that aspect of the organization.

Capri Wedding ceremony suggestions

In Capri and Anacapri you can choose among several churches for a Catholic celebration, but for every logistic aspect my advice is to refer to a wedding planner or someone that can help you right on location. For a symbolic ceremony Capri offers several wonderful choices, and my advice as wedding photographer in Capri, is to consider the beautiful wedding venues and locations on the following list.

Beautiful locations in Capri and Anacapri

  • Gardens of Augustus
  • La Migliera
  • Villa Damecuta
  • Cetrella
  • Villa Lysis
  • Certosa di San Giacomo
  • The Lighthouse (Il Faro)
  • Belvedere Punta Cannone
  • Belvedere Tragara
  • Villa San Michele
  • The Solaro Mount

The best Capri locations and venues

  • Capri Palace Hotel
  • Villa Lysis
  • Il Riccio Beach Club
  • JK Place Capri
  • Hotel Caesar Augustus
  • Lido del Faro

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