by Chiara

Destination Wedding Photographer Italy

Maybe you decided to get married in Italy, you are planning your destination wedding in one of the beautiful Italian cities, and you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Italy for your event. I’m an Italian destination wedding photographer, I capture weddings all over Italy and beyond. On my site you will find some beautiful Italy destination weddings for your inspiration.

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1. Where to get married in Italy?

Wherever you celebrate your destination wedding in Italy, and whatever your wedding style is, you deserve the best Italian wedding photography.

2. Your Italian wedding photographer

I’m Chiara, photographer based in Italy, focused on capturing unique Italy destination weddings. I provide professional curated photography service in Italy and internationally. I’m Italian and I speak English fluently! I photographed many weddings and celebrations in Italy, and I worked with some of the best Italian and international wedding planners. During the wedding day many emotions are expressed: my job consists in observing the scenes, capturing intimate, fun and loving emotions, and living the day with you, being present in the moment. 

3. Wedding photography style


To describe my style I use these three words. Independent because I don’t mind following trends, and I don’t want to put my clients or my photography (your pictures!) in a box. Every individual is unique and deserves the best attention to details, no matter the trends. Empathic because I not only work with people, but I live the moment with them. I’m here with you, in a full immersion in the present moment. Authentic because with my photography I always strive to do something modern, dynamic and emotional.

I love to make my work a bespoke service for my clients. And I love when my style and my vision become the perfect match with my clients’ personalities, tastes and desires. I love taking pictures including a particular sense of beauty and refinement.

I always take in great consideration both the documentary and the artistic aspect of photography: the use of light, storytelling, some creative touches, to create something unique. Photographing people to me is something special because every human being is unique, everyone with their own particularities. Wedding photography to me is special, because as a photographer I’m called to celebrate and exalt all the beauty and the extraordinariness of every story I photograph, while giving the best photography experience.

Having me as your Italian photographer

I consider that photographs may be a perfect representation of a person’ story and I feel very lucky and honored to be such a kind of witness in an individual’s life. The photos I take first of all document the day as it unfolds, with a variety of situations and in-between moments: I want that you and your guests enjoy the day without concerns about the photography. At the same time, I take in great considerations that this will be a very important and unique day in your lives, and that’s the reason why I love to take some beautiful couple’s portraits. 

If you want to move forward and having me as your wedding photographer, contact me and tell me something about your wedding day – please remember to include location and date. I will reply as soon as possible with info and quote. Booking well in advance is recommended since I take a limited amount of weddings per year in order to ensure to my clients the quality their event deserves. I work in Italy and worldwide. We can schedule a Skype call or an appointment in person in Italy.