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You are curious about Italy so much to decide to get there for a journey. Italy is well known for its wonderful landscapes, its cities of art and history, for the charme, the “Dolce Vita”, and its fascinating atmosphere. Italy is a very special place, one of the most beautiful countries in the world for sure! So congrats for your choice!

You’re planning to have a wonderful journey in Italy, and you are looking for the best photographer to witness some of the best memories of your trip and maybe of your whole life. You are looking for “your” photographer. If you are passionate about art, if you treasure emotions and moments and have a refined and independent taste, we could be a great fit for each other! Take a moment and visit my PORTFOLIO or my recent projects published on my BLOG. If you love what you see on my site and feel that I’m the right person to enhance the beauty of your journey in Italy, then contact me!

I’d love to listen to your ideas, talking with you about your exciting vacation in my homeland, bella ItaliaJust fill out the fields below and send me some info about your travel to Italy.

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